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Mens Safari Hat for Sale Although the Safari hat is often related to an Outback Hat, it is actually a type of Fedora hat. If you don't believe us, just flip the back of the brim up and you get a fedora. So in other words; a Safari hat is just a fedora with the brim turned down. As people started going on Safari and bringing pictures back home, the style of this hat soon became known as the Safari hat. This style became so popular that the hat manufacturers started blocking Safari hats specifically with the whole brim turned down.

Because of their versatility, Safari hats can come in an array of crown blocks and brim lengths. Although not a safari block, a pith helmet may be mistaken for a safari hat, because of it's use. Generally, a Safari either has a center dent crown, or a tear drop crown (generally about 4" high). In addition, the Safari usually has a brim length between 2 1/2" and 3". The safari can come in fur felt, wool felt, straw, leather, canvas, and hosts an array of band styles. The advantage comes in the size of the brim, generally bigger than other hats and turned down all around, protecting the face and neck from harmful U.V. rays and rain or snow. Their casual look often makes Safari Hats the choice for men who are going out for a laid back time or working out in the yard.

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Belfry Daley - Panama Straw Safari Hat
Was: $129.00
Now: $98.00

Borsalino Aztec - Italian Safari Hat
Was: $299.00
Now: $168.00

Belfry Loch Ness - Soft Wool Safari Hat
Was: $59.00
Now: $43.00

Belfry Fairwind - Fur Felt Fedora
Was: $129.00
Now: $98.00

27 Safari Hats On Page
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