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Men's Travel Hats

Mens Brown Travel Hat Our collection of travel hats for men makes it easy for you to stay stylish even when you're on the go. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, with a vast variety of travel hats, you're sure to find a winning accessory to take with you wherever the wind may take you.

With a passion for fashion, we've put together a winning collection of men's travel hats including some of the most requested styles of men's hats, including fedora hats, ivy caps, Gatsby caps, and berets, to name a few.

No matter what your style, smart casual, sophisticated chic, or the classic Panama Hat, our travel hats collection provides something for everyone. Each hat is extremely packable and bounces right back to its original shape after a long flight or car ride. Additionally, many of our travel hats include a short brim back for greater comfort during long travel days.

If you've got the perfect vacation planned or you're catching the morning flight for work, let everyone know you're a man of style when you top off your travel attire with one of our classic travel hats.

38 Men's Travel Hats On Page

Bailey Myatt2 - Pork Pie
Was: $79.00
Now: $58.00

Kangol Bamboo Arnold - Trilby Fedora
Was: $59.00
Now: $43.00

Kangol Wool Arnold - Trilby Fedora
Was: $70.00
Now: $47.00

Belfry Skiff - Cotton Bucket Hat
Was: $79.00
Now: $18.00

Bailey Salem - Braided Classic Fedora
Was: $89.00
Now: $53.00

Bailey Mernel - Soft Linen Fedora
Was: $79.00
Now: $58.00

Wigens Kent - Earflap Baseball Cap
Was: $89.00
Now: $68.00

38 Men's Travel Hats On Page
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