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Women's Cloche Hats

Womens Cloche Cloche hats are an essential adornment to compliment any woman's outfit from the simplest to the sleekest. It doesn't matter where you're headed; a cloche hat is an item that must be in every woman's closet - spring, summer, winter or fall. Dating back as early as the start of the 20th Century, this vintage yet trendy women's hat adds the finishing touches to women's wardrobes today.

Many believe cloche hats originated during the roaring 20's, when in fact, they actually became quite popular years before, as milliners started using their imagination to embrace different aspects of dress from Egypt to China, Russia to Japan. They took the ideas from traditional headdresses like the turban, torque, and tiara and added its style to bell shaped hats, adorning these remarkable hats for women with feathers, ribbons, jewels and feathers to create the masterpiece cloche hat. Today, hat designers take inspirations from the roaring 20's and Art deco eras to create beautifully handmade vintage cloche hats.

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Betmar Dolores - Color Blocked Cloche
Was: $49.00
Now: $38.00

Betmar Alexandrit - Winter Wool Cloche
Was: $69.00
Now: $53.00

Belfry Beatrice - Fur Felt Cloche
Was: $199.00
Now: $148.00

Belfry Sophie - Fur Felt Cloche
Was: $179.00
Now: $133.00

Belfry Mod Bonnie - Belted Cloche
Was: $39.00
Now: $28.00

Betmar Claudia - Wool Floral Cloche
Was: $75.00
Now: $65.00

Belfry Adeen - Fur Felt Cloche
Was: $169.00
Now: $128.00

Betmar Daisy - Classic Cut & Sew Cloche
Was: $39.00
Now: $29.00

Giovannio Dawn - Knit Cloche
Was: $69.00
Now: $48.00

Belfry Nettie - Velour Felt Cloche
Was: $229.00
Now: $173.00

50 Women's Cloche Hats On 2 Page (s) | Show All
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