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Back to School Style Tips: Don’t Forget Your Hat

August 12th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Women's Hats

As summer comes to an end many of us find ourselves going through last year’s clothing and accessories in hopes of salvaging something for the coming school year. Whether you look to reuse those favorite, stand-by items or are on the hunt for a new fall wardrobe, you’ll need some fresh new hats to complete your back to school style.

Men and women alike will be topping off 2009 fall fashion with a palate of blacks, grays, midnight blues, dark greens and purples. Now you know the colors to go for, here are my suggestion on the trendy hats that are sure to earn you an A+ in fashion.

Men’s Back to School - 2009 Fall Hats

New Era EK Windsor Pub Cap

Goorin Minna Grime’s Fedora Hat

With thousands of brands to choose from and a plethora of stylish hats coming back “in” this fall, add a few of these fashionable hats to your wardrobe. From fedora hats to trilbys, pub caps to beanies, men’s fall fashion does not discriminate. My personal favorites (above) just hit the stores from Goorin and New Era EK Hats.


Women’s Back to School Fashion- 2009 Fall Hats

As is the case with men’s back to school style, there are a wide range of hat styles our biggest trend-setters can choose from this year, as long as you stay with fall colors and texture. Whether you’re looking for a hat to hide “bed hair” as you head to early morning classes or something that works all day, here are at my favorites.

Goorin Hooty Mod Cap

New Era EK Lodge Cadet Cap

Ladies, it’s time to impress those new boys in class when you show your exquisite taste and attention to detail in fashionable 2009 fall hats. You’ll be sitting at the head of the class and look hot all semester with these quick back to school style tips.

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