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Belfry Gift Guide

November 28th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Men's Hats, Women's Hats

The season has begun and instead of standing in those long shopping lines, you might be looking online for the perfect gift for each person on your list.  We have done that search for you and have put together a list of essential items that are sure to make your friends and family swoon. 

Do-it-All Dad Driving Cap $38, Slippers $49.50, Metallic Pen $27.95  To show Dad that you really care, give him the gift of style and warmth.  The perfect flat cap adds to every man’s wardrobe both casual and formal.


Let Dad get pampered for a change with these cozy slippers from Lands End.  His conversation piece will be his Metallic Pen, that doesn’t have ink and still writes permanent.


Make-it-work Mom Cloche $98, Jewelry Tree $59.95, Herb Garden $34.95 Mom takes care of you, so this year, take care of Mom.  A cloche hat will top off her winter look at all of the holiday outings she will be going on.


Give Mom a beautiful place to keep all the jewelry that Dad is getting her this holiday.  And make her life easier. A busy mom need not go to the market for her essential herbs when she can have a garden of her own.


Totally Trendy Teen Fedora $38, iPlunge Phone Stand $5.99, Wall Decals $14.99 The toughest person on your list is sure to be excited about a trendy fedora from our Belfry Street collection.  Snap brim fedoras are seen on all the hottest celebs and will convince your teen you are hip to what is hot.


iPhone accessories are sure to please your teens and maybe even get them to stop texting for a minute.  Let them express and decorate their space with these photo frame wall decals from Urban Outfitters.


Save-the-Day Sitter Knit Hat $38, Earbuds $20, Purse Hook $19.95 They take care of your kids when you need a break, take care of them with a warm and cozy essential knit.


Accessories with real purpose are a great gift for the people that make your life easier.  Cool new earbuds to accessorize their MP3 player or a convenient purse hook to keep their stuff off the floor.


Busy-Business Partner Money Clip $34, Good Luck Golf Tees $29.95, Wine Stoppers $11.95 The holidays are a great time to thank the people you work with every day.  The Stewart Stand Wovel Steel Money Clip is a great way to show you appreciate your friends in your business.


Give the gift of good luck, with this golf tee pack.  Seasonal wine stoppers will add to any holiday event.


Terrific Teacher Scarf $24, Tea $9.50, Chocolates $15 Teachers make an impact on us all and it is a great way to show them you appreciate their hard work by finding the perfect gift for them this holiday.  A great scarf will add to the perfect winter wardrobe.


Think warm and decadent this season by finding the perfect tea or yummy chocolate.


Find more great gift giving ideas at the following sites: Hats In the Belfry, Gifts.com and Red Envelope

Happy Shopping! -Shannon

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American Music Awards - Hat Style

November 22nd, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style

Last night the 2010 American Music Awards aired on ABC and although I have been disappointed by recent Music Awards shows, I had to tune in to check out the fashions.  The AMA red carpet did not disappoint and I was really excited to see Artists from all genres rockin’ some very cool hats.  Here are some of the highlights:

My go-to hat guy and R&B superstar, Ne-yo did not disappoint with his classic black fedora.  He even did a little commercial revolving around his hat being lost after he loaned it to his driver.  I was however a little surprised to see him dressed so conservatively.  He usually is quite dapper with his suit choice and fedora style, but last night he was not very flashy. Photo.



Ryan Kwaten of True Blood did something I haven’t really seen on a dude in a while.  He had his snap brim set on the back of his head.  Even though he was not nominated, presenting or performing (he isn’t a musician after all) he was photographed to death on the red carpet.  Could it be because of his unique hat styling? Photo.



Kid Rock didn’t walk the red carpet, but he did perform a song from his new album, Born Free.  This rocker is known for wearing hats and the style he chose for this performance was basically the exact opposite of pretty boy Kwaten.  He chose a black leather fedora that almost looked like a bucket style the way he had it pulled way down covering his eyebrows.  Definitely a rock style even though his performance was very tame. Photo.



I am always excited to see my favorite hat wearer, Samuel L. Jackson on a red carpet rockin’ a sweet cap.  The AMAs was no exception.  Jackson was a presenter on last night’s show and looked like his fashionable (without trying too hard) self in a leather newsboy cap. Photo.



The hat that probably will be most talked about is not one that you will find in many hat shops and that was the Lego Hat worn by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.  This guy is always pushing boundaries and that was no exception last night with his styling.  This hat is not exactly something wearable for everyday, but definitely entertaining.  Do you think his head was hot with all that plastic? Photo.



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Accessorizing Your Hat

November 15th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Trend Watch

Many people consider a hat to be an accessory, but to us, the hat is the most important part of the outfit. A great hat defines your style. Can you say the same about a necklace? I don’t think so. This is a great thing for many reasons, one being that when you don’t consider your hat your fashion accessory it leaves room to add even MORE accents to your ensemble.

There are two ways to accessorize with your hat. 1) Add something to the hat itself and 2) add something that will compliment the hat. What I hope to do in the post is explain a couple ways to do this without going over the top.

Exhibit A: Hat Flair ala Ke$ha


I can not say that I like everything that pop star, Ke$ha wears, but I was impressed to see her in this very wearable and well accessorized hat. It is a basic floppy felt hat, with some added hat flair. Adding a band or a pin is great way to personalize any hat look.


Exhibit B: Men’s Lightweight Scarf ala Johnny Depp


Depp does accessories very well. A basic scarf compliments his hat and makes him look that much more put together and stylish at the same time.


Exhibit C: Sunglasses, skinny belt and big leather bag ala Katie Holmes and seen on runways everywhere.


A hat and sunglasses can make anyone look like they are incognito fashionistas. Pair that with a skinny belt and a fab black leather handbag and you are sure to turn heads.


Exhibit D: Men’s Warm Scarf ala Matthew McConaughey


He pulls of the casual look with a great hat and a basic grey scarf. It is getting cold outside and guys need a good scarf to go with their coats whether they are casual or formal.

belfry-pivo_greyBelfry Cambridge Scarf

The moral of this story is, find what works for you by trying something new this season.  Any accessory is sure to spruce up your every day look and compliment your hat.


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Army Cap - Giveaway!

November 8th, 2010 | 25 Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Giveaway

This season “Military Chic” is one of the hottest trends. You can find spreads in all the major fashion mags with go-to military inspired accessories for both men and women that are must haves for this season. Big name designers like D&G, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs all showed military inspired pieces in their Fall 2010 runways. The best thing about Military style is that it is very easily incorporated into any wardrobe since most pieces are accessories that can be added to any outfit.

What items are on the lists of must haves? For men: jackets, wool and canvas, army boots, watches, shoulder bags and of course, the Military Hat!


Shoulder Bag at hatsinthebelfry.com

Women can be seen in military inspired dresses, army jackets, tall boots, aviator sunglasses and army green.



Because here at Hats in the Belfry, we care about your style, we are doing a give-away! One lucky winner will get their color choice (Grey, Khaki, or Moss) of our Belfry Street Army Cap. Just leave a comment here on what you think of Military Style from now until Sunday, November 14th and one winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday.


Good luck and thanks for reading!


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Belfry 2.0

November 1st, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in News from the Shops

There is so much excitement going on in the Hats In The Belfry shops that I just had to share it here on the blog.  We are working hard to make sure that we not only offer the best selection of hats, but also create a unique shopping experience for any of you that are lucky enough to be in our area.  We are calling our rejuvenation efforts, Belfry 2.0. 

We started in Philly with a shop makeover that has really refreshed the atmosphere and shopping experience.  Out with the old retail fixtures and in with charming décor that gives us better space to showcase the new styles and accessories. We pulled in some new shelves and painted our walls to create a warmer feel to the shop.  One of the favorite additions (according to our staff) is the new checkout “bar”.  This stylish piece really ties the space together.  Our shop Manager, Robert, says “The makeover of the shop has really lifted everyone’s spirits and made the shop feel fresh and new.  We all love coming to work, but it really makes a difference when you have a new feeling space to be in.”









Our second major project was a full store remodel of our flagship shop in Annapolis.  This space has been for the most part unchanged since we opened our doors over 30 years ago.  We knocked out the wall to the shop next door and now have a 1000 square foot hat shopping destination.  The old slat wall came down and was replaced with new faux brick.  We repainted, changed the light fixtures and brought in additional display space.  We added in a big screen TV behind a fantastic new checkout “bar.”  Our shop Manager Jen (who has worked here for 14 years) says her favorite thing about the remodel is, “the warm and inviting atmosphere that was created when we redid the store.  It is open and inviting and people really want to spend time here” The transformation has been incredible and it has been a blast to see our regular customers’ faces when they walk in the door to find a whole new space.







Taking things to the next level not only excites our customers, but our neighbors and staff as well.  The enthusiasm from our neighboring business owners is really nice to see.  We have a great relationship with the people who work in businesses on our street and if our shop is doing well, we all do well!  I worked in the Annapolis shop off and on for 12 years and it truly feels like a new store.  I can’t even remember what it used to look like, since it feels like it should have always looked like this. 

We hope that if you haven’t been by one of our shops in a while you will come check out our new look.  And for those too far away to see our stores in person, keep checking our facebook page for more pictures of our new and improved look!


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