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Best and Worst Hats of 2010

December 27th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Trend Watch, Women's Hats

As 2010 comes to a close, I wanted to take a look back at the great hats and celebrity hat wearers of the year.  Hats are seen on every type of celebrity from musicians and actors, to athletes and reality TV stars.  We live in a fashionable time where an accessory can make or break you look.  Some people got it very right and some very wrong.  Here are the best and worst hat looks of 2010.

Best Men’s Celebrity Hats

#5 – David Bekham.  David is a style icon without question, but his looks this year were on the casual side.  I love the matching scarf and knit cap.  He doesn’t look like he is trying to make a fashionable statement, but he does anyway.


#4 – Brad Pitt.  Brad has worn all different styles of hats this year, from knit to flat cap and fedora on occasion.  This white summer straw is one of my favorites.  It is clean and classic, but still very modern.


#3 – Talib Kweli.  This year the flat cap has become even more popular with styles ranging from classic to contemporary.  I love this plaid cap and love how he paired it with a clean stylish t-shirt, jeans and jacket.  This cap could compliment anyone’s style.


#2 – Neyo.  The famous R&B hat wearer never disappoints with his hat choices.  Throughout 2010 he has worn dozens of different fedoras, but the classic black snap brim is my favorite and his signature.


#1 – Johnny Depp.  A man who doesn’t take his style too seriously is sure making a statement with his rumpled fedoras this year.  Seen in London, Paris and the States in different versions of the “worn” fedora hat look.  You think he must have just come across it at some thrift shop somewhere and threw it on his head.  Easy and effortless, Johnny is my number one pick for 2010.


Best Women’s Celebrity Hats

#5 – Katy Perry. Although she is known for the glitz and glam looks she wears on the red carpet, Katy Perry has been spotted out and about is some really cute fedoras this year.  The tilted back stingy brim is a little reminiscent of the 1980’s, but looks adorable and current with movie star shades.


#4 – Gwen Stefani.  Gwen has always pushed the envelope with her rocker style with a glamorized twist.  This year, she has been seen out in fedoras, flat caps and baseball hats, but this straw fedora with a simple red band that goes perfectly with her signature red lipstick is my favorite look of of hers this year.


#3 – Kim Kardashian.  Even if she isn’t your favorite reality TV personality, the girl has an eye for fashion.  This brown floppy with the simple add on band looks glamorous without being over the top.


#2 – Ashlee Simpson Wentz.  As a young mom, Ashlee has totally redone her look this year.  Her adorable blonde pixy hair cut with this black snap brim fedora set on the back of her head is a fashion YES! in my eyes. Paired with the leopard print that was very popular this year and she looks really put together without being too dressed up.


#1 – Taylor Swift.  I know I might get some backlash for picking Taylor as my number 1, but this is a great look.  The bold red knit paired with the black biker style fitted jacket is a statement without being a big Kentucky Derby brim or feathered sky high work of art.  The girl knows how to turn heads and this simple and stylish hat does just that.


What were they thinking?

#4 – Brett Michaels.  I know this guy has had an up and down year, but please, find a new hat look in 2011.  This straw cowboy hat with the bandana underneath is killing me.


#3 – Khloe Kardashian.  I just came back from NYC and I realize that these fuzzy animal hats are on every street vendor’s corner, but Kloe…seriously….this is awful.


#2 – Will.I.Am. I know every once in a while you have to take some risks in fashion, but the Lego hat worn on the AMAs is just too much for me.  How uncomfortable that thing must be.


#1 – Lady Gaga.  I’m sorry to do it as I am a Gaga fan, but the silver glitter lobster was just too much.  It just looks dangerous.  I can’t believe we haven’t heard of any of her outfits injuring her.  This would be one I would be nervous about.

lady gaga mr chow 280210

I am really looking forward to seeing what hat trends will emerge in 2011.  Until then, have a safe and happy New Years! - Shannon

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Not Just a Knit

December 20th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Women's Hats

It was a very cold December day when a group of people came in the hat shop, looking for something very specific.  They asked me if we carried “breaking and entering” hats.  I had never heard of a hat being called this, but knew exactly what they were talking about, a basic black acrylic knit hat.  I can only hope that they were not going to wear these hats while committing a crime.  It was freezing outside, so I am pretty sure they just wanted something warm. 

Knit hats have come a long way since the basic knit was the go-to for a warm hat for the winter.  We have changed up the materials, revamped the styles and expanded the color choices so that everyone can have the warmth of a knit without looking like they just knocked off the nearby 7-11.


An alternative to the basic knit style is an army cap, like this one.  This Military Jeep Hat by Goorin Bros. is the perfect mix of fashion and function and comes in black and olive.  It is made in a soft acrylic knit, easily rolls up in your pocket and keeps you warm all winter long.  Military style wasn’t just popular this fall, the trend carries over to winter wear this year. 


If you want the classic style knit with a little more style, the Belfry Street Eugene is a perfect pick.  The unique thing about this hat is that it is an alpaca knit.  Alpaca is a silky knit, that is warmer than wool and contains less allergens.  You know that itchy feeling you get on your forehead after wearing your acrylic knit for a while?  That won’t happen with a knit like this.


One of my personal favorite knit styles for women is the Knit Beret from San Diego Hat Company.  This knit is the perfect shape to wear all the ways a beret can be worn, off to one side, behind the hair line pulled back or pulled down like a classic knit hat.  It comes in great colors, like fuschia, green, purple and yellow as well as the basic black and ivory.  It looks adorable on young girls and classic on women.


If you are looking for the basic black knit style, do not fear, we still have the classic knit.  The Belfry Street Chicago is a Bamboo knit.  Bamboo is a sustainable material that many clothing manufacturers are starting to use more and more.  This is a warm knit with cool max material that will keep you dry if you sweat in your hat.  It is lighter weight than a wool or alpaca, but keeps you just as warm. This hat does have a matching scarf that I always like to tell people about. It is a really long scarf, but it is light weight so it doesn’t pull on your neck like many heavy wool knits.


What ever style you choose this winter, stay warm out there! Have a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas. -Shannon

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Looks We Love

December 12th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Women's Hats

When I’m working the Hats In the Belfry shop, I love to help people put together the perfect hat/scarf/bag combo.  Now you don’t have to be in the shop to get expert accessorizing advice.  We have added a new feature to our website that does just that!  Looks We Love” is a new section where you can get a little preview of how our hats look with other accessories.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks on the blog today to give you an idea what to expect from our experts.

One of my favorite women’s hat styles this season is this Belfry Sadie, cloche.  This hat is a statement piece that is sure to get complimented on the street.  Often with a hat this special, people are conservative with accessories.  I am here to say, you don’t have to be.  This pairing of plaid print scarf is a fashion, YES!  You can wear this look over any color coat, including black, camel, red, navy or brown.



A casual women’s look that is sure to turn heads is this brown and tan look.    This knit Hat by Grace Hats is perfect for bad hair days and is much cuter than a ball cap.  Pair this comfy hat with a stylish scarf and you look put together, whether it is over your winter coat or with a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. Throw on your brown Bagallini and the look is complete.



For guys who want to look put together without looking like they are trying too hard, this casual camel look is perfect.  An army style cap in corduroy from our new Belfry Street collection paired with a warm brown scarf looks great over your black or navy pea coat.  Add your messenger bag and you are ready for work or school with everything you need.  Plus you can wear this canvas bag year round.



The last look I picked to share is a classic.  The snap brim felt fedora and the Belfry Tweed Scarf in grey.  I love the contrast of the black hat with a grey scarf, instead of black on black on black.  This style hat looks great with a long black wool or trench coat.  The grey is a nice contrast without going too crazy with a print or a bright color.  Sometimes people don’t think about the scarf when purchasing a hat, but you really need it to complete your winter look.  Did I mention we are offering a gift with purchase of our classic style fedoras?



When putting together your winter look (or the look of a loved one this holiday season) don’t forget about accessories.  And check out the Looks we Love at www.hatsinthebelfry.com.


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December Give-Away WINNER!

December 10th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Giveaway


Thank you so much to everyone who voted for their favorite Belfry Street style in our December Give-Away contest.  I am excited to annouce that the Belfry Street Reatta was the most voted for hat between votes on our blog and votes on our Facebook page!  For the next week you can get $10 off when you use discount code “REATTA10“.

I am also really excited to annouce the winners of our December Give-Away.  Congratulations to Julia Freitag, our blog winner and Mary Sengpiehl, our Facebook winner! 

Thank you all so much for your votes.  Keep checking back on the Belfry Blog for more Hat News and more chances to win some great hats!


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December Hat Give-away!

December 6th, 2010 | 30 Comments | Posted in Giveaway

Here on the Belfry Blog, we had so much fun doing our give-away in November that we decided to do one again!  But a regular give-away just wouldn’t do.  During this season of giving, we want to make sure everyone can get something.  So to keep it interesting we want your help deciding what Belfry style we should put on sale at hatsinthebelfry.com.  By doing that we will pick two lucky winners to get the hat they voted for, for FREE!

Here is how it works.  Leave a comment here to let us know which Belfry style (of the styles pictured here) is your favorite.  Or, go to our Facebook page and click “like” or leave a comment on the picture of the hat you like the best.  The hat with the most votes will be $10 off on our website for the next week.  We will randomly select one commenter from the blog and one from Facebook to win the hat they voted for.

You can vote from now until midnight on Thursday, December 9th.  Friday we will announce the winning style and the winning commenters!


Belfry Street Gibson - Olive


Belfry Street Reatta - Black


Belfry Street Concord - Brown


Belfry Street Mirada - Straw


Belfry Street Modena - Black

Good Luck! -Shannon

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