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Fedoras – Let’s Discuss

January 31st, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats

With growing popularity of shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, the fedora hat is back in the spotlight.  This style of hat never went “out”, so I wouldn’t say that it is making a comeback.  What I would say is that mainstream media has helped gain new interest in the classic fedora style.  So if you have never before worn a fedora hat and are looking for the style for you, here is a brief guide to the basic fedora styles.

Wide Brim Fedora

The wide brim fedora is the style that most people think of when they envision 1920’s-1950’s menswear, but in actuality this style is timeless.  Celebrities like Frank Sinatra in the 60’s, Michael Jackson in the 80’s and Johnny Depp in the 00’s have kept this hat in the spotlight and made it part of their every day style.  This type of hat is traditionally worn with the brim snapped down in the front, hence the term “snap brim fedora” which is another name for the style.  The wide brim edora comes in a wool felt or a fur felt in the standard colors black, grey and brown, usually with a grosgrain band.  This style of hat looks best with professional attire.  It is great with a suit or classic trench coat. 



Stingy Brim

A stingy brim fedora is a style that is growing in popularity by the day.  It is no surprise that young celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo and Benji Madden are often seen in this style.  The stingy brim has a smaller brim than the classic wide brim fedora, so it is a little less formal.  This hat can be worn with the brim up or snapped down in the front.  Classic stingy brims come in wool felt, fur felt and materials like velour and cotton, but new styles in alternative materials are on trend for 2011.  This is a great style for someone who is just starting their hat collection and has a more casual style.




The safari style fedora is most commonly associated with the Indiana Jones hat.  This style has a brim that is turned down in both the front and back.  The brim can range in size, but is usually larger than a stingy brim.  This style hat comes in a wide range of materials including wool felt, fur felt, canvas, oiled canvas and leather. Styles in this category range in formality depending on the material it is made from.  Fur felt and wool felt styles look more professional.  Canvas and leather styles are more rugged and made to withstand the elements (and you sitting on it).  I always think of the safari style as a hat that can be worn in between seasons.  When you are looking for something after straw goes out, but before you are breaking out your winter coat, the safari is a good pick. 


Tear Drop Crown

The tear drop crown is a design feature that is found in wide brim, stingy brim and safari styles.  I have had customers that have a wider face say they prefer the look of a tear drop crown as opposed to a crown with a center dent, but choosing a hat with a tear drop is really a matter of personal taste.  It does not usually change the fit of the hat. 


Pork Pie/Diamond Crown

The pork pie hat is a stingy brim hat, but with a round crown.  Technically, this is not a fedora, but it often finds itself hanging out with the fedora family.  The diamond crown lives somewhere in between the pork pie and the stingy brim fedora.  I don’t know why, but these hats are very popular with musicians.  If a guy comes in the shop asking for a pork pie, 9 times out of 10 he is in a band.  That doesn’t mean you have to play an instrument to wear this hat.  I recommend this style for anyone who is looking for an alternative to the classic fedora.


Fedora Trends

Some new trends in the world of fedoras are stylish embellishments that take this style from classic to contemporary.  Things like printed bands, alternative materials and super stingy brims are on trend for a fashionable fedora statement.  The Goorin Pebo mixed a printed band with a plaid body that makes this style very accessible.  The wide corduroy styles in the Belfry Street line also make for great accents to a t-shirt and jeans look.  The super stingy brim in a houndstooth print on the Belfry Bryant is a trendy twist on the classic style.


For the Ladies

I know I left the ladies out of today’s post, but the fedora style is also a great choice for the fashionable woman.  If you saw our Best and Worst Hats of 2010, you would notice that 3 of the top 5 ladies were chosen for wearing fedoras.  While the new trends in fedora styles lend themselves well to being incorporated into a women’s ensemble, there is always something about a woman in a classic men’s fedora (i.e. Jennifer Aniston posing for GQ Magazine).


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Who’s Wearing Belfry Brand

Hats in the Belfry has been in business selling quality fashionable hats for over 30 years, so it is no wonder that we have attracted celebrity hat wearers as regular customers. We carry one of the best selections of brands and styles, so everyone can find a hat that fits their own personal style whether they are on or off camera. What has been exciting in the last couple of years is the celebrity attraction to our own Belfry Brand hats. Famous customers with a wide range of occupation can always find a Belfry hat that elevates their look.

In order to make sure we are designing the best styles for our customers we ask ourselves, Who’s Wearing Belfry Brand?

Fashion Bloggers – There are some great blogs out there that feature styling tips and share personal style of the people who know the hot trends. These people are fashion savvy and can put together a complete look whether they are shopping expensive designer racks or finding great pieces at bargain prices. Just this month, Belfry hats have been a part of a look featured by fashion bloggers, The Style Blogger and Wit & Whimsy.


irene kent

Comedians – Just because someone is incredibly funny, doesn’t mean that they are dressed like a clown. Comedians like Donnel Rawlings known from The Chappelle Show and Annapolis’ own E.J. Ruchman make sure that a Belfry hat is part of their act, but nothing to laugh at, whether it is the Belfry Street Mai Tai cap or one of our classic Belfry Bowler hats.



Musicians – The difference between a musician and a rock star can be as simple as what they are wearing. Confidence can often come from feeling good in what you are wearing and if you are wearing a rockin’ hat, you are going to feel like you own your audience. Rocker, Alicia Solo of Beautiful Bodies was photographed wearing her Belfry Freddie opening for My Chemical Romance. Joe Waller, drummer for Loyalty Amongst Theives can often been seen in a Belfry hat, like this Belfry Jazz.



Fighters – Although we would never want to get in the ring with one of these champion fighters, we don’t mind posing for photos with them in their favorite Belfry hats. The famous Mike Tyson shopped for the perfect knit at our Philadelphia store. Bernard Hopkins has a collection of caps from our shop including this Belfry Street Blackgold.



You!!! Belfry designs are modern and stylish, so it is no surprise that all of our Belfry customers feel like celebrities as soon as they put on their perfect hat. A common quote I hear from our Belfry customers is, “I get so many compliments when I wear my Belfry hat.” Getting stopped on the street sounds like a celebrity moment to me.


Photos from our National Hat Day Facebook Contest.

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Looks You Love – Contest Finalist

January 17th, 2011 | 61 Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Giveaway

I want to thank everyone who participated in the “Looks You Love” January contest.  We received some great entries just proving that Hats in the Belfry customers are the most stylish hat wearers around.

I am really excited to share our finalists.  These looks will be posted on our Facebook page and you will have the chance to vote for your favorite.  You can vote 2 times, once in the Men’s category and once in the Women’s category.  Feel free to leave comments here on the blog for your favorites.  Voters and commenters will be entered to win a $25 gift card.  The winner in each category of the “Looks You Love” contest will win the hat they featured in their look and a $50 gift card.

Entry: LouiseBC


Boots: La Canadienne Tracy, Bag: Dooney & Bourke Medium East/West Shopper, Tights: Maria La Rosa Opaque Ribbed Tights in Black, Dress: The Uniform Project Classic LBD, Coat: The Heart Coat in Ann, Hat: Hats in the Belfry San Diego Tristen Acrylic Knit Fedora, Scarf: Macrame Owl Screen Printed Scarf

Entry: Marianne of Looks Good from the Back


“I would put my hair in braids, top with the hat, and pull on this dress as a bathingsuit coverup. This would be perfect for walking down to the Naples Beach Club for a pina colada at sunset.”

Cover Up – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bathing Suit – Fig Leaves, Shoes – Piperlime, Bag – J.Crew

Entry: Sharon G. of Kitchen Pixy


Outfit details: Hat: Belfry Keira Fur Velour Cloche $98, Glasses: sweetheart sunnies $11, Bracelet: Phillipe Audibert Mini Aby silver-plated cuff $820 (GULP!!), Lace top: Vintage holiday sheer black lace top rhinestone buttons $20, Jacket: Mid Wash Trucker Jacket $70, Skirt: Hobbs Rubens double wool twill Pencil Skirt in Flame $85, Shoes: (rrrrrrrrrrroooooooooowr!!) YSL Platform High Heel Pump in black textured leather $795

Entry: Adrien (Ambulus) of Looks Good from the Back



Belfry outfit by Amblus featuring wool blend coats

Silk wrap effect dress, 395 GBP, Mackage black wool blend plaid ‘Sabrina’ scarf coat, $406, Emilio Cavallini Diamond Dot Tights, Black, 14 GBP, Chie Mihara - Serpan - Grey Leather Pump, $246, Future Compass Hoop Earrings, $188, A.McQueen Skull Scarf, $375, Belfry Keira - Fur Velour Cloche: Hatsinthebelfry.com, $98

Entry: Jarrod Barnes of Jarrod’s Photography Blog


Hat: Belfry Bishop, Scarf: Men’s Merona Woven Plaid Scarf, Shirt: Spread-collar regular-fit dress shirt in white, Sweater: Merona OPP Sweater, Pants: Pinstriped tailored pants (slim fit), Coat: Classic cotton trench, Shoes: Bostonian, Men’s Akron Classy, Dressy and fun.  Sophisticated yet not overstated.  Dressy enough for the office or out on the town….casual enough for post-bar café or drinks at a cigar bar.  The gray in the sweater and the high-crown fedora – pulls the look down from head-to-toe.  Shoes are classy with a cap-toe and the red in the scarf is a nice contrast element with a patter to break up the solids of the outfit.  The white shirt is fundamental to the ‘dressed up’ look.  This look is also versatile.  Too warm for a sweater?  Ditch it and rock the shirt under the trench sans the scarf.  Or, throw on a skinny black tie.  Untuck the white shirt for a hint of sloppy-dress.  This look will turn heads and envelop the wearer in a cloak of confidence and poise.

Entry: Kelly de Silva


A fancy white dress shirt with French lapels, slim dress trousers, black vintage boots, finished off with a vintage dress jacket and topped off with Hats in the Belfry Deuce - Stingy Brim Bowler. Add an extra long feather on the bowler for added pizazz.

Entry: Xelkos


Ne-Yo has a thing for fedoras and beautiful suits and he looks good in them both. This ensemble he wore to the Grammys is by Ferragamo.  Nice grey/black suit, yet his fedora should of matched up with a Belfry Street Fuego - Corduroy Fedora or Goorin Prohibition - Diamond Crown Fedora.

You have until this Friday, January 21st to vote.  This competition is going to be tough. Happy voting! - Shannon

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National Hat Day - Online Contest!!

January 14th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Giveaway


This Saturday, January 15th is National Hat Day and we are celebrating in a BIG way!  We are hosting a contest from now until next Friday for all of our Facebook fans and folks who have visited our stores this week.  You will have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

Online entries:  Post a picture of you in your favorite hat on our Facebook page.  You have from now until Friday, January 21st to post your picture.  Multiple pictures = multiple entries, but you must be wearing a different hat in each photo.  Anyone who has already posted a picture to our site will be included in the contest.


In Store entries:  If you go to one of our stores this Saturday, January 15th, have your picture taken in one of our hats, come to our Facebook page and “tag” yourself in that picture.  Pictures will be posted on Tuesday and you have until Friday, January 21st to “tag” yourself.


The drawing will be random, so good luck! - Shannon

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Hat Picks - Shop Favorites

Here at Hats in the Belfry it is our mission to provide not only a great selection of quality hats, but also expert advice and assistance when you are searching for the hat that was made just for you.  We are passionate about hats and dedicated to our customers whether they are first time hat buyers or have been shopping with us for years.

This kind of dedication and service doesn’t just happen by accident.  We have a team of people who make it their mission to provide a great hat shopping experience.  And today, I want to introduce a few of them here on the blog.  The question of the day was,

Why is Hats in the Belfry more awesome than any other hat shop?

daineDaine, Asst Shop Manager Fells Point and Inner Harbor Baltimore - What makes us better than any other hat shop is that we aren’t like any other shop.  We started as a hat retailer and now we are designing our own hats.  We are constantly moving forwards to become not only the coolest hat shop but the coolest shop online, too.





jen-g-1Jennifer, Shop Manager Annapolis - Caps and hats have really become the “it” accessory, just as important in your wardrobe as a scarf and gloves.  Our selection is the best and our store atmosphere is warm and inviting.  We are the place you want to be to transform into your “character” which is what a hat can do.





keithKeith, Shop Manager Fells Point and Inner Harbor Baltimore - I think what sets us apart from other hat stores is our selection. I really like that I can remember selling so many people their first hat whether it was because they didn’t think they looked good in hats or that  they had been searching for the perfect hat and were finally were able to find the right hat at our store.  Those customers really stick with you it’s an experience that is not only memorable for the customer but is memorable for me as well.



Our dedicated shop managers are the people you want to go to for hat advice.  They have been matching people with their perfect hat for years and have seen many a hat trend come and go.  So I asked them,

What is your favorite hat in your shop right now? 

belfry-hancock_steelDaine - My favorite right now is the Belfry Hancock.  It’s a classic, timeless look and it is eye catching.  The Steel Blue color stands out above your basic Black or Brown fedoras.  That’s why I love it.






Jennifer - My favorite style right now is the pub cap because it is great for both men and women.  I have a couple hats that I wear all the time in the shop, but my favorite right now is the Belfry Calais because I like the patchwork.  It is stylish without being too trendy.  If I’m not wearing a cap I also like the Goorin Brothers Minna Timeless.  The Minna collection has a story to tell and are very one of kind. I really like this hat.




Keith - Shop Manager Fells Point and Inner Harbor Baltimore My favorite hat at the moment is the Belfry Ross. I really love herringbone patterns and I like its classic ivy shape. I worked on mine a little and once I got the right curve to the brim the Ross is perfect.




robertRobert, Shop Manager Philadelphia - My favorite hat? It’s hard to choose from, there are so many, but one that stands out is the Belfry Coltrane.  This hat is timeless. It brings you back to the days of KOOL. You know the Rat Pack and the Jazz scene days.  This is a great hat to pair with a stylish scarf.




The Manager’s favorites might just be the perfect place to start if you are looking for your perfect hat. - Shannon

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“Looks You Love” - January Contest

January 3rd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Posted in Fashion & Style, Giveaway

To start the New Year off with something exciting, we have a new contest to share with you!  Last year, we started a new program called “Looks We Love” where we paired hats with accessories to complete the perfect look.  This year, we want your help in styling great looks that go with our Hats In the Belfry hats.

HOW TO ENTER – put together a “Look You Love” incorporating a Belfry hat.  Go to http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com to choose your Belfry hat by going under “Shop by brand” in either the men’s hats or women’s hats and clicking “BELFRY HATS”.  Put together a complete look using pictures from websites or your own closet and create a look using clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and one of our hats.  Send your entry to shannon@hatsinthebelfry.com with images of the look you have put together with a brief description.  All entries must be received by Friday, January 14th.

We will choose 3 finalists for Men’s Looks and 3 finalists for Women’s Looks.  Those looks will be posted on our facebook page and blog for our fans to vote for the winner.  We will allow one week for voting and announce the winner on January 24th. 

HOW TO GET AN EXTRA ADVANTAGE - Post the “Look you Love” entry on your blog, send us the link and we will multiply your votes by 1.5.

Here is an example of the kind of entries we are hoping to see.

Men’s Look


Hat - Belfry Hurricane, Scarf - hatsinthebelfry.com, Khakis - target.com, Jacket - bananarepublic.com
Guys look put together when they think about how their outerwear.  This flight jacket will look great with a pair of khakis and a nice quality flat cap.  Add a little print with this dark green scarf and you have got yourself a head turning look.

Women’s Look


Hat - Belfry Eugene, Dress - anthropologie.com, Sweater - gap.com, Boots - nordstrom.com
I love to mix dressed up and casual pieces together to get a warm and cozy, yet still fashionable look.  Put this adorable dress under a big cable knit sweater, pair with some fantastic boots and top it all off with a warm alpaca knit.

PRIZE!! - The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Hats in the Belfry AND the hat they incorporated in the “Look You Love”.

ANOTHER WAY TO WIN!!!  We will also be giving away a prize for helping to support our contest.  If you “retweet” our contest link on twitter, or “share” the link on facebook, you will be entered to win a $25 gift card.

Best of Luck! - Shannon

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