Christine A. Moore Q & A – Hats in the Belfry

Meet Christine A. Moore in this interview with the hat-maker herself at Hats in the Belfry.

April 22nd, 2016|Fashion & Style, Spring & Summer Hats, Women's Hats|

Handmade Hat Styles for the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is fast-approaching and we’re positively giddy. Check out some of these classic derby hats that have been handmade exclusively for the event at Churchill Downs. Hats in the Belfry stocks beautiful ladies derby hats by Christine A. Moore, Belfry, Giovannio, Swan and Plaza Suite to help you nail your day at the

March 25th, 2016|Fashion & Style, Women's Hats|

Halloween Hats: Dressing to Impress on Oct. 31

Here at Hats in the Belfry, we have a Halloween trick — reach into your wardrobe, pick a hat and design a costume around it. Creating a costume is easy, fun and affordable with these simple ideas. If you’ve got the right hat, you’ve got the foundation for a great Halloween costume. This season, we’re

October 28th, 2015|Fashion & Style|

How To Wear A Cloche Hat

When worn properly, a cloche hat can bring timeless elegance to any ensemble, whether it be dressy or casual. Traditionally, cloche hats are meant to be worn at a slight angle to hang over a small portion of the face. Ensure that you choose the proper hat size so that your cloche is snug enough

May 15th, 2015|Fashion & Style|

Women’s Fall Hat Styles

The season for women’s felt hats is here! Of course hats keep us warm when the temperatures start to dip, but more importantly they are a way to express our personal style through outerwear. The favorites among the Belfry collection of women’s fall hats this year, are modern versions of classic styles including, women’s fedora

November 9th, 2014|Fashion & Style|