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Types of Fedoras

August 15th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Spring & Summer Hats

Fedora Hats are found atop many people’s heads. If you go outside and walk around, look for someone with a hat. Chances are the hat they are wearing is either a baseball cap or some type of fedora hat. A fedora hat is, to many people, the most stylish of all hats. Borsalino, one of the most iconic names in the hat industry, is known for their high quality fedora hats. You find them in and out of movies, on top of celebrities’ heads, and filling the streets. For example, look who we found at Preakness 2013, showing off his fedora pride:

Yes, that’s Kevin Spacey with GM of Stores, Jennifer Gerety.

What are the Types of Fedoras?

So, how many different types of fedoras can you come up with? Once you’re done, see if yours matches ours. Here’s the list of the types of fedoras we came up with:

1. Classic Fedoras – There’s no better place to start than the original, classic fedoras. To most, the word “fedora” always pops one image on their mind: the classic fedora. Most of our classic fedoras are made from 100% wool, such as the Belfry Gangster which could easily be found atop any mob boss’s head!

2. Straw Fedoras – Fedoras also come in straw. We love the hand-woven Panama Straw in particular and highly recommend it. Straw is a common material because of its bright feel-good feel that fits comfortably on any head. Its crack resistant liner makes it not only durable, but also comfortable for adjusting and readjusting many times over. Take the Belfry Washington for example; it’s stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. The perfect straw hat, without the itchy head.

3. Safari Fedoras – Safari fedoras are very similar to the straw fedoras, except in a different style. Many safari fedoras are also made from Panama Straw and have a noticeably different style than any other fedora. When you see them, you automatically think of an adventurer such as Indiana Jones. The brim on these hats is oftentimes noticed first. Coupled with a subtle band, these hats are the perfect fashion statement. Did you know we sell an Indiana Jones hat called the “Indy”? It’s a wool felt safari hat that is a must-have for Indiana Jones fans!

4. Pork Pie – The pork pie (also known as “stingy”) fedora style is a favorite among many because of its smaller snap brim. It became a fashion statement back in the 1990s and is still found today. History commonly shows pork pie hats coming and going freely. One day everyone has it on, and the next nobody has it. This is mostly due to releases of hit music videos, movies, and TV shows where characters/celebrities will show off their classic pork pie hat. The most recent example is likely Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, where he is occasionally found with his pork pie fedora. Speaking of Walter White, our Belfry Be-Bop pork pie hat has a shockingly similar resemblance…

5. Trendy Trilby Fedoras – The trilby fedora hat is a type of fedora that also has its own category because of its unique tall and contemporary fedora style. Trilby fedoras are easy to travel with because of their crushability. They come with a classic pre-snap shape for an easy-to-wear comfortable feeling. Our Kangol Wool Arnold trilby fedora is the poster child for trilby fedoras. Trilby’s can also come in various materials such as straw, wool, and felt.

Fedoras are extremely fashionable and useful for just about any occasion. A fedora hat can be worn as a part of your business attire, when you’re trying to be serious, if you want to be mysterious, or if you just want to wear it casually. They are the signature men’s hat of this time and won’t drop in popularity any time soon, so if you’re looking for a men’s hat, start at our fedora section! If you’re interested in pork pies or the trilby fedoras, make sure you visit their own specific pages (yeah, they’re that popular!).

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Borsalino Hats: Only the Best!

August 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Hats in the News, Men's Hats

We sell many different types of hats from multiple different brands. Each brand has their own style and methods to making their hats, but one brand stands out: Borsalino. Borsalino hats are men’s hats that are of the highest quality because they are made by hand. When you look to buy a hat, what do you look for? Comfort, style, and durability come to mind. You want your hat to look nice, feel nice, and last as long as possible. Some hats look nice, but are uncomfortable in sizing, shape, and overall material. Others feel nice but lack that extra fashion sense. The only way you can achieve all 3 is through the method used to make the hat. That’s where Borsalino dominates!

Borsalino Hats - Manufacturing Process

Borsalino hats are made by hand over a course of 7 weeks. In these 7 weeks, they go through a long process filled with machines and hand-working specialists. It’s the hand-work that makes them stand out in front all the rest. In order to ensure their hats are high-quality, they inspect them at every step of the process for quality. Borsalino hats are made from rabbit fur and are inspected as soon as the hood is made. If the quality does not meet their standards, it is discarded permanently and re-done from scratch.

Borsalino Hats Varieties

We sell Borsalino hats of many different varieties and styles. There is a hat for every occasion, vacation, or just for a night on the town. Find the one that matches your personality and occasion! Here are some examples:

The Borsalino Antony hat is a hand-made straw, fedora-style hat. The brim can be snapped up or down depending on how formal you want to appear. The quality and overall build of the hat will give you a nice surprise when you’re wearing it!

The Borsalino Compania II is another fedora-styled hat that is made exclusive Hats in the Belfry. This exclusive hat has a soft fur felt material that is smooth to the touch and is naturally water-resistant. Because it can be rolled up, it is easy to put in your travel bag or any other location for easy storage until you’re ready to wear it.

This Borsalino hat, known as the Borsalino Avventuriero, is our Panama straw safari hat. It’s perfect for traveling in the hot sun and is supposed to change color slightly when in the sun due to the hand-woven Panama straw.

The Borsalino Bruno is a casual blend of cashmere and wool giving it a nice, fresh, clean look. This classic newsboy cap has a single snap front peak and a smooth satin interior lining. This lining, along with the grosgrain sweatband give you a nice comfortable hat that is covered is stitched to the detail all around.

Finally we have the Borsalino Matri, which is a blend of wool and linen materials. Its subtle denim design across the top and 3-point back will give you a true high-quality Ivy cap fashion style, without the bold colorful plaid designs. This hat is currently on sale for $25 off (Web purchases only)!

More Borsalino Products

For more Borsalino products visit our Men’s Borsalino Hats page. We have more of these high-quality, hand-made hats as well as scarves.

If you want to learn more about Borsalino’s process and company, visit their Hand Made page.

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Snapback vs. Fitted Hats

There are hundreds of different types of hats! Just stop and think: how many hats can you think of off the top of your head (no pun intended)? Caps, beanies, straw hats, fedoras, pork pies, westerns, and so on. But a lot of times these are broad categories. For example, caps can include baseball caps, berets, yacht caps, newsboy caps, etc. How can someone keep track of the different types of hats when there’s so many? You don’t…that’s why you have Hats in the Belfry! We’re here to keep things in order, so if you ever have any questions feel free to ask us what the difference is between the various hats in our online hat store. For now, let’s look at the snapbacks and fitted hats. What’s the difference between snapback and fitted?

Snapback and Fitted Capskangol ventair space - fitted hat

For starters, snapbacks and fitted hats are both caps. If you own a baseball cap, grab it and look at it. If not, use this one as an example: Kangol Ventair Space.

This is an example of a fitted hat because of the back of the hat. It is, as its name suggests, fitted to your match your head. When you buy one of these, you should have your head measured to know what size hat will most comfortably fit. For some, this is the preferred of the two (snapback/fitted) because they know it will fit them perfectly and the back of their head will not itch as it would with a snapback. This brings us to snapbacks and strapbacks, the all-in-one of hats. When you buy a snapback/strapback, they will have various sizing strap-in (or snap-in) locations. A strapback hat’s back looks like this:belfry-luton-strapback

Snapbacks or Fitted?

When buying a baseball cap, you have to choose between snapbacks, fitted, and strapbacks (snapbacks, but with a strap instead of snaps). A snapback hat can be worn on multiple people because of the quick, easy adjustments you can make with them. A fitted hat, however, is (as the name suggests) fitted to your head. These hats are meant to be worn by you specifically. We recommend fitted hats because when worn, the hat is snug, but comfortable. Fitted hats can also be worn forwards or backwards, depending on your style. Wearing a snapback backwards would result in your forehead touching the plastic material, which is not comfortable for any period of time. Snapback hats used to be the most popular because of the various designs, but fitted hats have since caught up in the trends.

To buy a fitted hat or strapback hat, use your head and browse our selection of men’s baseball caps or our selection of women’s caps.

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The Fedora: A Fashion Statement


Every generation has its own unique sense of style, and in recent years, there hasn’t been a larger fashion statement then fedoras. These simple hats have made quite a stir in the fashion industry. We, the consumers, see celebrities wearing fedoras all the time, and this once thought formal masculine head wear has been transformed into a very unique item of any wardrobe.

Fedora hats were born in the late 1800’s, as a fashion accessory to depict the upper class. The fedoras popularity soared as it was prominently featured throughout 1940’s cinema as it adorned the heads of movie’s most famous detectives and gangsters. The fedora is still continuing to grow in popularity as a greater variety of styles are introduced, allowing for a plethora of options for selecting that perfect outfit.

The fedora represents the sheer elegance of class, style, and sophistication, and as the fedora became a unisex fashion, men and women can enjoy it at the same time. Whether you are looking for a light summer hat, a dress hat, or a casual hat, there are several tips that both men and women should take into consideration before selecting and wearing a fedora.

  • Plan out when you’ll wear it. Fedoras used to be strictly formal head wear for men, but recent style trends dictate that both men and women can wear them with formal or casual attire. The same fedora may work for both looks, but if you intend to use it for multiple outfits, keep that in mind when you go shopping. Also, decide whether you will wear the fedora as a summer hat or a more formal dress hat – or you can just get one for every occasion!
  • Pick a color and material. The setting and clothes you wear determine the type of fedora most appropriate.
  • For daytime and summer settings, a straw fedora would be the best option because it is a lighter material and allows the breeze through.
  • For evening or colder settings, a dark felt or twill fedora would best suit your needs.
  • If you plan on wearing your fedora with a suit, make sure you match the color of the hat to the color of the suit. If you tend to wear black or gray suits, choose a black or gray fedora. Similarly, if you wear brown suits, stick with a brown fedora.
  • Choose a proper fit. The hat should fit snugly, but not so snugly that it leaves a red mark on your skin. Remember, a properly fitted hat should rest approximately a finger’s width above your eyebrows and ears.
  • Keep the back brim of your fedora tilted up. The front brim can either be tilted up or left straight.

If you are looking for something to freshen up your wardrobe, a fedora hat might be just the thing for you, and here at Hats in the Belfry, we offer many varieties of fedoras for men and women.

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Panama Hats For Dummies

January 14th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News, Men's Hats, Spring & Summer Hats

When is a Panama hat a Panama hat?

The story of Panama straw hats dates back all the way to President Theodore
Roosevelt’s trip to Panama at the turn of the 20th century, or at least that is
how they were named. It is because of his visit that these hats were named
“Panama” hats, although the bodies are actually woven from Ecuador. Regardless
of where the hat originated, or where the name came from (there
is a ton of history about the Panama hat online
), the word Panama is perhaps
one of the most popular used phrases in our shops and online today.
We consistently have customers coming in and asking specifically for a “panama
hat”. The term Panama is often used to describe what could be any generic straw
hat on the shelves. We always try to inform and educate the customer on what
exactly a Panama hat is. This fall we actually saw a cheaply made felt hat that
was named “Felt Panama Hat” on the Banana Republic website. While we are a fan
of the brand and love the clothes, this simply isn’t what the hat is. Our hunch
is that the vast majority of their customers will inevitably think they are
buying a Panama hat from them though.

These are some of the things we have learned throughout our 35 years in retail
about Panama hats. We hope this helps you find the right Panama.

1. A Panama isn’t just a straw hat. It is specific to Ecuador, and has a very
specific weave to it. There is a grading system to Panama hats, but it is very
subjective. People will say just about anything to make you think it is a fine
Panama (even if it isn’t). Disregard the grading system and look for quality of
weave instead.

2. Most Panama hats have an official seal of Ecuador burned into the interior of the
body, but this can be very hard to read if the body has been bleached or dyed
after the mark was made. It is possible to be a Panama and not see the mark on
the inside of the hat, although we have never seen this mark on a hat that isn’t
a Panama.

Official Panama Seal

3. Panama hats have a very distinctive weave pattern. This weave pattern starts
at the top of the crown and then weaves outward in a circular pattern. The
better quality Panamas have thinner fibers and a tighter weave patterns. This
takes longer to produce, but also gives the hat a softer more pliable feel. Some
of the highest quality Panama hats often feel like cloth.

Panama Circular Weave

4. Panamas can come in just about every color, pattern and shape. The one thing to note about the material is that it is very organic and natural in appearance and generally smooth. Other straws and summer hats are made from paper, hemp, coconut, seagrass, raffia and synthetic materials. These other hats can still be very high quality weaves and expensive, but that still doesn’t make them a Panama. Panama is made from the Toquilla straw plant.

Dyed and Vented Panama

5. Panama hats are wooven in Ecuador, but can be blocked and finished just
about anywhere. This is also the case for other materials like Harris Tweed.
Just because it states that the hat was made in the U.S.A. or Italy doesn’t mean
it isn’t a Panama. It just means that the straws bodies were shipped to other
countries for the production and finishing.

Panama Hat Made in the U.S.A.

6. In many cases we have seen that Panama hats finished in countries outside
of Ecuador are of better quality. Why? Because these manufacturers in outside
countries are simply better hat makers and have better quality control
standards. The artists and craftspeople that weave these Panama fibers usually
don’t have anything to do with making the actual hats.

7. Yes, there is such a thing as a Montecristi hat, but be very careful
before buying one and ask as many questions as possible before buying it.
Montecristi hats are made from a specific region in Ecuador, but more
importantly they are the finest quality Panamas available. These hats have very
fine fibers and are woven super tight. In some cases it can take one of these
expert weavers up to a year to make the Montecristi body. That’s a lot of time!

8. Panamas don’t last forever. They are in fact organic material that will
dry out and crack over the long run. Some people can get years out of a Panama
hat if they know how to handle it. Don’t grab or pick the hat up by the crown or
the pinch (top of the hat). Almost all cracking comes from this. Instead pick
the hat up and hold the hat by the brim. Not pinching the crown will ensure you
get the maximum life out of the hat.

Panama Cracked Crown

9. Expect to pay more for a good Panama hat. Each hat is a one of a kind. We
have heard that 1 out of every 2 Montecristi’s woven are scrapped before
becoming a fine quality hat. This is because they are just so hard to weave. The
length of time it takes to weave a Panama compounded with the relatively small
amount of people weaving them makes it a very specialty item. In Panama as with
everything, you get what you pay for.

10. The amount of Panama bodies available in the market today is much less
than there were ten years ago. This is a highly trained skill that just isn’t
being taught to the younger generations. While there are younger weavers, the
amount of them are shrinking and the seasoned weavers are getting old and
retiring. Panama’s (particularly the finer ones) will likely continue to become
harder and harder to find over the decades.

PS – I have yet to find a Panama with a “Made in China” label in it. Not that
it will never happen, but the cost to transport the bodies to, and the quality
of hats being produced probably make it cost prohibitive. We’ll update this if
we ever do see a Panama hat blocked or finished in China.

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Should Have Put On A Hat

This week’s post is dedicated to those celebrities that should have just covered up their head and called it a day. I realize that everyone has a bad hair day, but at least some of us are smart enough to know when we NEED to be wearing a hat.

Shia Labeouf – I understand a guy that wants to look like he isn’t trying too hard, but give me a break. I realize that he is raking it in with the Transformer movies and possibly doesn’t want to be recognized in public. Shia, you could have easily thrown on a Belfry Street Army Cap with those shades and no one would have had to take this picture.



Katy Perry – I like that Katy is always changing her look and blazes her own fashion trails. I even like the pink hair, but I will say this, there is nothing like a hat to protect your colored locks from the damaging effects of the sun (not to mention cover your blond roots in between color touch-ups.) Katy, you can still be fashion forward and sensible. Put on this Straw Big Brim from the Protection Collection.



Robert Pattison – You have teenagers swooning and calling out Edward even when you try to make other films, but this is taking it a little too far. Shaving half your head for a movie role? How dare you. Keep these asymmetrical locks under wraps at least until the last Twilight movie has been released. The Kangol Summer Ivy Cap should do the trick.



Kate Bosworth – I don’t know what has come over you, Kate. Usually your hair looks flawless. Are you having some sort of Britney Spears-esque kind of crisis? To save us all from enduring another second of this disastrous do, please, put on something like the Sea Breeze Cotton Sun Hat from the Protection Collection.



Al Pacino – This hair needs an intervention. Al gets a break because he didn’t choose this look for himself. He is filming a movie about music mogul, Phil Spector who did wear his hair like this on purpose. My advice is to cover that do as soon as you get off the set with a hat like the Belfry Smith fedora.



No matter how bad a hair day you are having, we always have a hat that is sure to help you through. – Shannon

Celebrity photos from peoplemagazine.com

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Summer Style for Men

June 22nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats

The summer is a time to relax, get casual and enjoy some fun in the sun. But all that time spent manning the barbeque, out on the boat/beach and watching 4th of July parades can leave a guy exposed to harmful UV rays. My suggestion…put a hat on! Choose a hat that compliments your style and you will not only be protected from the sun, but look damn good, too.

T-shirt and Shorts guys – A guy with casual and comfortable style (like this Abercrombie look) can keep it simple with a hat that can be worn through all the seasons.

The Belfry Street Army cap gives the same amount of sun protection as a baseball hat and is light weight and comfortable.



T Shirt and Jeans – If you are a t-shirt and jeans guy whether it is July or November, let you hat be the seasonal twist to your wardrobe. A basic grey Banana Republic shirt is the perfect backdrop to let your hat make the impression.

The Belfry Street Santiago is a great light weight cap that adds a super stylish element without looking like you are trying too hard.



Button Up and Shorts – If you are a casual guy who prefers a button up to a regular t-shirt (J.Crew style) your hat choice should complement your look while keeping it simple.

Go for a natural color straw that will go with any color combination in a style like the Belfry Straw Jazz.



Classed Up Casual – When putting together a stylish casual look (like this one from Banana Republic) you have to make sure your hat doesn’t make you look over the top.

The Belfry Street Cabana fedora is absolutely on trend for this summer. The snap brim style is perfect to wear day into evening.



Classic – The classic polo look from Brooks Brothers lends itself well to great hat style. A perfect panama straw will keep you cool while making you look cool.

The Belfry Delay is similar to a Safari style, with a downturned brim for optimal sun protection.



Trendsetter – If you are into wearing the latest in men’s casual fashion, make sure your hat is as stylish as the rest of you.

The Gonzo from Makins in raffia straw is a favorite this season and goes great with a casual summer style.



Button Up and Jeans – If you are a jeans wearing kind of guy who isn’t afraid of color, keep your hat style clean a simple. A khaki driving cap looks great with an Abercrombie colorful plaid button up.

A style like the Belfry Street Gilmore will work with your style for every season of the year.



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On the Golf Course

June 6th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Men's Hats, Spring & Summer Hats

Finally, summer fun is in full “swing” and many people are spending time outside doing their favorite things. For some members of my family, the dream of living on the golf course doesn’t mean you have a house near a course. It means (if your wife would let you) you would spend every waking minute playing the great game of golf. That is all well and good as long as you are protected. The summer sun can do a number on a golfer who has little to no relief from UV rays on the course.

Not everyone has the same hat style on the course, so if you haven’t found your perfect golf hat, here are some pros and cons to the most popular hat styles for golfers.

Pub Cap/Driving Cap – The driving cap is a classic style that will provide some protection from the sun, but still leaves the back of your neck exposed. These styles come in light weight fabrics, like cotton and linen that keep your head cool in the summer heat and are easy to roll up and stuff in your golf bag or your pocket. Some materials can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning, but make sure to check the tag before doing so.

Pros: easy to store and transport, light weight, washable

Cons: limited sun protection (same goes for baseball hats)


Raffia Straw – Raffia straw hats come in various styles with both short and large brims for different levels of sun protection. Raffia straw is one of the most durable straws making these hats good for packing. They will travel well in a suitcase if you are planning a golf getaway. Sometimes this straw can be warm to wear in the hot sun since it is not as lightweight as other straws.

Pros – durable and packable, good sun protection (dependent on the brim size you choose)

Cons – can be warm due to heavier straw


Panama Straw – Panama straw hats come in various styles with both large and small brims. They are one of the lightest weight straws, allow air through the crown and provide great sun protection. A Panama straw hat is handmade and of the utmost quality. If cared for properly, this hat will last for years to come. A Panama straw hat does require conscious care. They should not be handled by pinching the crown and should not be left in a hot car. Never sit on your Panama hat!

Pros – light weight, breathes well, quality construction, great sun protection

Cons – fragile crown, should not be pinched or squashed


Toyo Straw – Toyo straw is a paper straw that is very light weight. Toyo straw hats come in various styles and offer good sun protection. These hats are less expensive than some other straw hats and are considered a one-season wear. Toyo straw should not get wet and should not be left in a hot car. The best way to store a toyo straw hat is on a hat hook or upside down (on the crown) in a cool place.

Pros – very light weight, inexpensive, good sun protection (dependent on the brim size you choose)

Cons – fragile, one season wear, cannot get wet


Canvas – Canvas sun hats offer ultimate sun protection. They are often weather proof in the chance you get caught in a random summer down poor. These hats are generally very durable and last for years of wear. Because the canvas allows no rays to pass through, they also allow no air to pass through which can make this a warm choice for a summer golf hat.

Pros – weather resistant, ultimate sun protection

Cons – heavier weight means it can be warm to wear in the sun


Before you schedule your tee time, make sure you have packed your hat! - Shannon

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Biltmore Hats are Back!

There is so much to be said about a hat that is made with a level of quality reminiscent of days when your hat was a required piece of attire to remain of a certain social stature. The saying “they don’t make them like they used to” does not apply when it comes to hats made under the Biltmore brand. They make them just like they used to. We at Hats in the Belfry are honored to have been a supporter of the Biltmore Hats even through their recent financial struggles and couldn’t be more pleased that THEY ARE BACK!


Biltmore Hats was founded in 1917 and moved to Guelph, Canada in 1919. In the 1950’s they employed over 350 people producing hats with hand sewn details and a quality that made them one of the most popular brands of the time. Sadly, in recent years Biltmore fell on financial troubles and were in search of additional investors. Biltmore’s owner, Eric Lynes, was adamant that they were going to keep Biltmore producing from their facility in Guelph, they were not going to file for bankruptcy and they would continue to produce quality hats for their loyal customers.

The doors did close in 2010 and the twenty remaining employees were laid off.

“It was a dark period and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. We kept believing we were going to open this place again and we weren’t going to be pushed around or file for bankruptcy.” said Lynes. And open again, they did. Seven months after closing, the American company Dorfman Pacific agreed to purchase the company, keep Lynes on to manage the business and keep production in Guelph. Sixteen employees that were laid off were back to work and the demand for iconic Biltmore hats was on the rise.


It is an amazing thing to see a company stand their ground and just know in the bottom of their hearts that what they are creating is meaningful. This is such a great story of never giving up and working towards a future with the same ideals that made them successful in the past. Welcome back, Biltmore hats!


“Biltmore is a legacy brand to us.  There are so few brands out there anymore that still make hats the same way they did 50 years ago.  Biltmore is one of them, and we are so happy to carry their line again“ -Ryan Seth owner of Hats in the Belfry and President of The Headwear Association.

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Dudes of the Derby

With so much excitement surrounding preparation for the Parade of Hats at the upcoming races, I wanted to take a moment to recognize a group that is often overlooked for their hat fashions on Derby day. MEN! The tradition of wearing hats at horse races started in the United Kingdom long before the start of the Kentucky Derby. Men wore top hats and would never be seen in public without their hat. When the Derby started in 1875, it was still customary for men to wear hats, but as time went on the prevalence of men’s hats at the races started to dwindle as women continued to don over the top designs.

In recent years, we have seen the fashionable males bringing hats back to the races, but the styles have changed from the top hat days. Men are choosing hats that reflect their personal style and make a statement at the same time.

Mr. Hugh Hefner seen here with his “Girls Next Door” stars went for the classic straw fedora in 2008. He understands that the ladies are the stars of the Parade of Hats, but that is no reason that a man can’t be dapper as well.



In 2008, Dwayne Wade was ahead of the stingy brim trend, with this great straw fedora. The tobacco colored straw hat was the focal point of his ensemble with an understated cream suit, proving that the hat can be the star of your Derby outfit even without having feathers and flowers.



Joey Fatone, former boy band member turned actor turned television game show host is not always known for his fashion sense. But he did a great job of keeping things casual while still being Derby appropriate at the 2009 races. He wore a classic grey suit with black sneakers and a great black snap brim fedora. I like a guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Kentucky Derby Horse Racing


At last year’s Derby, the guy that turned heads with his hat style was without a doubt, rocker Pete Wentz. He went for a throw back with his Newsboy cap, bowtie and high socks. Some said that he looked like he was wearing a costume, but I think he looked great. The Derby is a day when you can step out of your normal fashion comfort zone and get creative.



So while you are sipping Mint Juleps in the hot sun, Guys, don’t forget your lids. - Shannon

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