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Hats are a Vacation’s Perfect Accessory-

July 7th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Men's Hats, Trend Watch, Women's Hats

From the Beach to the Campground, Be Practical and Look Stylish

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing summer escape or a trip to help you warm your winter blues, one thing is for certain - we all look forward to vacation! But what do I pack? …

Take it from me; hats are the perfect accessory for any vacation. From beach days to camping trips, fly fishing to safaris, wherever you go, a signature hat provides the perfect complement to your attire.

For style and function, take a look through my recommended women’s hats:

Helen Kaminski Gemma - Panama Cotton Bucket Hat

There’s no better way to shade your beautiful face from the sun’s harmful rays and keep your sophisticated look than with this classic Kaminski bucket hat. Perfect for resorts and cruises, this hat is packable and versatile. What’s more, this white hat matches any spring or summer outfit.

Protection Collection Sea Breeze - Cotton Sun Hat

Available in a range of neutral colors, this beach hat is a sure fit for all. Whether you’re sneaking away for a quick picnic lunch or planning a day-trip, protect yourself and stay cool with UPF 50+ protection and a mesh crown allowing more airflow within the hat. And did I mention this sun hat is crushable which makes for easy packing to take with you anywhere?

And here are a few of my favorite men’s hats, too:

Protection Collection Trek - Mesh Canvas Safari

Perfect for an African safari or trek through the forests of Latin America, I highly recommend this mesh and canvas hat for your travels. Featuring a crushable mesh crown, no other safari hat is better fit for packing. Not to mention, it offers UPF 50+ protection.

Protection Collection Trailway - Cotton Bucket

From fly fishing to sitting around the campfire, the Trailway Cotton Bucket hat is my pick for a weekend in the great outdoors. More than just a hat, this outdoor hat contains a size adjuster and adjustable chin-cord to ensure the perfect fit for any size head. What’s more, there is a small pocket on the inside to store your key, ID or even some extra cash!

Whether your vacation lasts a few days, a week or all summer long don’t forget to pack your favorite hats. They’ll keep you looking fresh and feeling cool throughout your trip.


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All You Need is One Signature Hat

From dressy to casual, one thing remains constant - all you need to look hot for any occasion is one signature hat! What better look to take home than arguably one of the most classic of all hats, the fedora. What started as the must-have accessory for men years and years ago, is clearly the must-have fashion item for men AND women today!

My pick for your one signature hat is the Belfry Curtis. Offering a classic silhouette with a stingy brim, this signature fedora gives you a trendy look that goes from day to night with ease. What’s more - the Belfry Curtis fedora hat is one of the most affordable pieces I’ve found! At only $28.00, you will look the part without breaking the bank.

Take it from fashion icons like actor Brad Pitt and athlete Dwyane Wade who have added this signature hat to their dressy styles.

Or for a casual day relaxing on your boat or strolling through the city, follow the lead of some of Hollywood’s most fashion forward stars like P. Diddy and Zac Efron who sport their signature fedoras with casual ease.

And of course, ladies, I have not forgotten about you - a signature womens fedora looks just as good, if not better, on you than it does on men! Whether you’re looking to cover your “bad hair day” or for a stunning finishing touch to your smart attire like Victoria Beckham, this hat does it all!


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Pork Pie Hats are here to Stay

From Rude Boy Ska to Runway Couture

We’ve all seen the traditional rude boy ska style, whether your favorite bands include Reel Big Fish and The Specials or not. This fashion trend has been popular for years, but what you may not know is that this style is not just about thick rimmed glasses or thick sideburns; the essential accessory that adds the finishing touches to such a classic look is the pork pie hat.

And here’s a bit of news that may shock some of you - this casual men’s hat is now one of the hottest fashion must have accessories. As the models stepped out onto the runway earlier this year for a St. Louis fashion show, fashion headwear was the focus.

Pork pie hats provide an ultra sleek, super cool runway couture look that can easily go from day to night.

Take it from Chris Meloni, star of Law & Order SVU, who recently attended a fashion show at Bryant Park wearing a stunning gray pork pie hat.

Still don’t believe me? What if I told you this accessory has topped the head of soccer superstar David Beckham for a casual day of travel with his family?

What’s more - trendy ladies have been seen stepping out in these typical men’s hats. Fergie and Mischa Barton have been known to bend the rules before, so it’s not surprising that they’ve added pork pie hats to their funky celeb style.

Get these looks for less when you shop online at HatsintheBelfry.com. With a passion to provide the hottest styles and brands, their collection of porkpie hats is unsurpassed.

Belfry Street Butch Braided Straw Porkpie

Belfry Street Butch Porkpie Hat

Belfry Street Chili Braided Straw Porkpie

Belfry Street Chili Straw Porkpie Hat

It seems to me pork pie hats have sure made their mark on 2009 fashion as a trend that is here to stay. While I’m still unsure whether or not I’d wear one myself, it’s obvious for you fashion forward men and trendy ladies, these porkpie hats are a must!


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Straw Hat Day Nears, Time to put away the Felt

That’s right - Straw Hat Day is just over a week away which means it’s time to start boxing up your cold weather headwear and pulling out your spring straw hats. Usually celebrated at the ballpark, men in the stands would punch holes in their old hats and sail them out onto the field. Anyone wearing a felt hat would get his cover snatched and flung out too. And nowhere was this holiday more strictly observed than in Baltimore, the straw-hat capital of the world. A tradition dating back to the early 1900s when men wore suites and hats everywhere, from a Saturday afternoon stroll to a Sunday baseball game, today stands as true as the “no white before Memorial Day” fashion rule.

Belfry Street Barboni - Braided Straw Stingy Fedora

May 15 is the official start to your spring wardrobe, whether you’re ready with last year’s straw hats or looking to shop for this season’s hottest trends. I always trust the experts at HatsintheBelfry.com for my fashion accessories. Their passion for hats is unmatched, combining the best hat brands and designs to step out in style.

Belfry Arista - Organic Raffia Large Brim

Celebrate Straw Hat Day next Friday with men’s funky straw fedora hats or ladies straw hats from my favorite online hat store.


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Warm Weather Lets Fashionistas Step Out in Style with Floppy Brimmed Hats

April 29th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Trend Watch, Women's Hats

Floppy brimmed hats, specifically fedoras, remain all the rage for women for yet another season. While the guys are topping off their looks in trendy pub caps, Hollywood’s leading ladies are hitting the streets wearing fashionable floppy brimmed fedoras.

From afternoon shopping sprees to celebrity meet and greets, hat fans like Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, and more are making bold statements in these funky hats.

Celebrating the warm weather Keira Knightley, dressed in a stylish black dress with matching black fedora and handbag, joined her beau for a casual afternoon in London.

Create this look for less with the Callanan Stroller - Bao Straw Fedora

Ashlee Simpson looked great in a tan straw fedora hat during an afternoon of shopping at one of her favorite Malibu spots, Planet Blue.

Spend your afternoons shopping in style with a fabulous Fine Milan Fedora by Kokin, one of the industry’s hottest hat designers.

Not feeling the traditional styles? Neither were Mischa Barton and Cameron Diaz when they added the finishing touch to their stylish wardrobes with color and patterns.

Add color and texture to your style with matching looks that won’t break your bank like the Kokin J-Lo Fedora or the Goorin Windsor - Textured Cotton Striped Fedora shown below.

Use these classic hats with a trendy twist to shade your face from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether you’re looking for bright and fun or classic chic, this season, just wear a hat! And with a variety of hip casual looks to create your signature style, take it from me (or your favorite celebrity), you’ll look hot.


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Pub Caps Offer a Hip Spin on the Classic Old Man’s Hat

April 9th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Trend Watch

No one knows fashion better than A-List celebrities. I mean, let’s be honest, they pay enough for their personal stylists, so they better step out with the hottest trends of the season. That being said, it’s no wonder pub caps, or duckbill caps - the same hat known by a different name, have made their way onto the heads of fashion forward men across the globe.

Offering a young, hip spin on a traditional “old man’s hat,” stars like Ne-Yo, Usher and Brad Pitt to name a few, have paved the way for pub caps, this spring’s must have fashion accessory.

Usher made a bold statement in a sleek, all white pub cap for his album release celebrations in New York City.

To get this look for less, check out the Belfry Street Birdie - Classic Pub Cap to go with your natural style.

To get this look for less, check out the Belfry Street Birdie - Classic Pub Cap to go with your natural style.

Ne-Yo, famous for topping off his sophisticated, urban style with trendy hats has traded in his fedoras for pub caps in recent appearances

Ne-Yo, famous for topping off his sophisticated, urban style with trendy hats has traded in his fedoras for pub caps in recent appearances.

Add a bit of texture to your attire with the Goorin Minna Tigris - Embroidered Duckbill Cap featuring 1333 Minnas signature satin interior lining

Add a bit of texture to your attire with the Goorin Minna Tigris - Embroidered Duckbill Cap featuring 1333 Minna’s signature satin interior lining

So where did the pub caps trend begin?

Some believe what is said to be the hottest accessory this spring started gaining popularity just over a year ago with Brad Pitt. One of Hollywood’s most respected actors and someone the ladies just can’t get enough of, Brad Pitt began selling these trendy hats for his “Make it Right” charity which aimed to build new homes for the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

As Pitt put his best face forward with a variety of pub caps, the popularity of this trend began to grow. Now pub caps, the more fitted version of traditional ivy caps, offer a brim with the perfect oval arch to frame your face and give you the hottest spring style.

The only question I am left with is when women are going to get an opportunity to take advantage of this hot style trend? I’m waiting for fashionistas like Alicia, Rihanna and Britney to join the men and make pub caps the universal IT accessory.


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