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American Music Awards - Hat Style

November 22nd, 2010 Posted in Fashion & Style

Last night the 2010 American Music Awards aired on ABC and although I have been disappointed by recent Music Awards shows, I had to tune in to check out the fashions.  The AMA red carpet did not disappoint and I was really excited to see Artists from all genres rockin’ some very cool hats.  Here are some of the highlights:

My go-to hat guy and R&B superstar, Ne-yo did not disappoint with his classic black fedora.  He even did a little commercial revolving around his hat being lost after he loaned it to his driver.  I was however a little surprised to see him dressed so conservatively.  He usually is quite dapper with his suit choice and fedora style, but last night he was not very flashy. Photo.



Ryan Kwaten of True Blood did something I haven’t really seen on a dude in a while.  He had his snap brim set on the back of his head.  Even though he was not nominated, presenting or performing (he isn’t a musician after all) he was photographed to death on the red carpet.  Could it be because of his unique hat styling? Photo.



Kid Rock didn’t walk the red carpet, but he did perform a song from his new album, Born Free.  This rocker is known for wearing hats and the style he chose for this performance was basically the exact opposite of pretty boy Kwaten.  He chose a black leather fedora that almost looked like a bucket style the way he had it pulled way down covering his eyebrows.  Definitely a rock style even though his performance was very tame. Photo.



I am always excited to see my favorite hat wearer, Samuel L. Jackson on a red carpet rockin’ a sweet cap.  The AMAs was no exception.  Jackson was a presenter on last night’s show and looked like his fashionable (without trying too hard) self in a leather newsboy cap. Photo.



The hat that probably will be most talked about is not one that you will find in many hat shops and that was the Lego Hat worn by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.  This guy is always pushing boundaries and that was no exception last night with his styling.  This hat is not exactly something wearable for everyday, but definitely entertaining.  Do you think his head was hot with all that plastic? Photo.



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