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Army Cap - Giveaway!

November 8th, 2010 Posted in Fashion & Style, Giveaway

This season “Military Chic” is one of the hottest trends. You can find spreads in all the major fashion mags with go-to military inspired accessories for both men and women that are must haves for this season. Big name designers like D&G, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs all showed military inspired pieces in their Fall 2010 runways. The best thing about Military style is that it is very easily incorporated into any wardrobe since most pieces are accessories that can be added to any outfit.

What items are on the lists of must haves? For men: jackets, wool and canvas, army boots, watches, shoulder bags and of course, the Military Hat!


Shoulder Bag at hatsinthebelfry.com

Women can be seen in military inspired dresses, army jackets, tall boots, aviator sunglasses and army green.



Because here at Hats in the Belfry, we care about your style, we are doing a give-away! One lucky winner will get their color choice (Grey, Khaki, or Moss) of our Belfry Street Army Cap. Just leave a comment here on what you think of Military Style from now until Sunday, November 14th and one winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday.


Good luck and thanks for reading!


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25 Responses to “Army Cap - Giveaway!”

  1. Benjamin Bland Says:

    I’ve always loved military-styled clothing. :D

  2. Zak Taylor Says:

    I think its neat, I love the olive green colors, but the black doesn’t really say “military” to me.

  3. Heather Pritchett Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the “military fashion” trend — it’s usually too clean and/or over-designed — but I love using/wearing stuff from old military surplus stores. I would totally wear this hat. :D

  4. Neal Jeter Says:

    Military inspired fashion is one of my favorite looks beacause true to form, it is very neat and orderly in appearance. I think it always makes a bold statement.

  5. Michele Prindle Says:

    Glad it is back “in style,” but I’ve been rockin it for a long time anyways :)

  6. Deanne Ross Says:

    I love military style! It might be because my husband is a Marine.
    One of these hats would compliment the military style jacket I recently purchased.

  7. Christine LaFord Says:

    I love the fitted sharp-looking attire of the military. This cap would be a great addition to my wardrobe. :)

  8. Shonna Franks Says:

    The no nonsense cuts, crisp, clean looks make military a trendy fashion statement that can be worn throughout the ages. It’s professional and presentable with room to add your own flair and color to your basic pieces and not look over fashioned or sloppy. We respect those in a true uniform serving our country, it’s a sign of respect to relate to them in our appearance and visual identity.

  9. Joe Says:

    I love the military style! I’ve bought a military Timex and this hat will fit me perfectly!

  10. Drea Maxwell Says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of the military style fashion. I’m so excited to see it making a come back! Not only do I love the orderly and neatness to it, but olive green shades are some of my favorite!

  11. Kelly Whalen Says:

    I LOVE the military style. It is chic, hip, and just about everyone and anyone call pull this look off :)

  12. Dean Says:

    Love the look over here in the Uk,got quite a few millitary coats myself !

  13. Roland Says:

    Great look… always great hats…

  14. Debbie Kibler Says:

    I love the military style! I have had some military accessories before and would love to have a new hat!

  15. donald harrison jr. Says:

    my dad use to wear one overseas in the air force. i got it when he passed two years ago. it’s falling apart, i would love to replace it.

  16. Johnny G Says:

    My gf and have embraced the military chic style. I just recently purchased the Army green HIB military cap for my trip to Key West next week!

  17. gary stoker Says:

    I don’t think it ever completly went out of style.

  18. Erika Says:

    military fashion, in my opinion, never goes out of style. i’ve had at least one piece of military issued or mock military issued something for years as part of my wardrobe! I have a hat like this, but it’s black. :)

  19. James Ericksen Says:

    Great Look.

  20. Bruce Says:

    The Military look is a good way to show support for our troops without dis-respecting them by wearing ‘Army Surplus’ uniforms.

  21. Estevan Garcia Says:

    I love military style! Especially the coats and pants. The subdued colors (olive drab, black, brown, gray and navy) fit perfectly with my style and are easy to match.

  22. Eric Says:

    Military Style is awesomery! I love keep up with the latest styles and trends for the fall. I have the perfect outfit to match this hat! :-)

  23. Kat Says:

    I love military style..theyre easy to wear and look very cool!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  24. AMBER Says:


  25. shannon Says:

    Congratulations to:

    James Ericksen!!!

    You were randomly selected as our winner. Check your email!

    Thank you to everyone who commented. Check back for hat info and more opportunities to win some hats!

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