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Looks You Love – Contest Finalist

January 17th, 2011 Posted in Fashion & Style, Giveaway

I want to thank everyone who participated in the “Looks You Love” January contest.  We received some great entries just proving that Hats in the Belfry customers are the most stylish hat wearers around.

I am really excited to share our finalists.  These looks will be posted on our Facebook page and you will have the chance to vote for your favorite.  You can vote 2 times, once in the Men’s category and once in the Women’s category.  Feel free to leave comments here on the blog for your favorites.  Voters and commenters will be entered to win a $25 gift card.  The winner in each category of the “Looks You Love” contest will win the hat they featured in their look and a $50 gift card.

Entry: LouiseBC


Boots: La Canadienne Tracy, Bag: Dooney & Bourke Medium East/West Shopper, Tights: Maria La Rosa Opaque Ribbed Tights in Black, Dress: The Uniform Project Classic LBD, Coat: The Heart Coat in Ann, Hat: Hats in the Belfry San Diego Tristen Acrylic Knit Fedora, Scarf: Macrame Owl Screen Printed Scarf

Entry: Marianne of Looks Good from the Back


“I would put my hair in braids, top with the hat, and pull on this dress as a bathingsuit coverup. This would be perfect for walking down to the Naples Beach Club for a pina colada at sunset.”

Cover Up – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bathing Suit – Fig Leaves, Shoes – Piperlime, Bag – J.Crew

Entry: Sharon G. of Kitchen Pixy


Outfit details: Hat: Belfry Keira Fur Velour Cloche $98, Glasses: sweetheart sunnies $11, Bracelet: Phillipe Audibert Mini Aby silver-plated cuff $820 (GULP!!), Lace top: Vintage holiday sheer black lace top rhinestone buttons $20, Jacket: Mid Wash Trucker Jacket $70, Skirt: Hobbs Rubens double wool twill Pencil Skirt in Flame $85, Shoes: (rrrrrrrrrrroooooooooowr!!) YSL Platform High Heel Pump in black textured leather $795

Entry: Adrien (Ambulus) of Looks Good from the Back



Belfry outfit by Amblus featuring wool blend coats

Silk wrap effect dress, 395 GBP, Mackage black wool blend plaid ‘Sabrina’ scarf coat, $406, Emilio Cavallini Diamond Dot Tights, Black, 14 GBP, Chie Mihara - Serpan - Grey Leather Pump, $246, Future Compass Hoop Earrings, $188, A.McQueen Skull Scarf, $375, Belfry Keira - Fur Velour Cloche: Hatsinthebelfry.com, $98

Entry: Jarrod Barnes of Jarrod’s Photography Blog


Hat: Belfry Bishop, Scarf: Men’s Merona Woven Plaid Scarf, Shirt: Spread-collar regular-fit dress shirt in white, Sweater: Merona OPP Sweater, Pants: Pinstriped tailored pants (slim fit), Coat: Classic cotton trench, Shoes: Bostonian, Men’s Akron Classy, Dressy and fun.  Sophisticated yet not overstated.  Dressy enough for the office or out on the town….casual enough for post-bar café or drinks at a cigar bar.  The gray in the sweater and the high-crown fedora – pulls the look down from head-to-toe.  Shoes are classy with a cap-toe and the red in the scarf is a nice contrast element with a patter to break up the solids of the outfit.  The white shirt is fundamental to the ‘dressed up’ look.  This look is also versatile.  Too warm for a sweater?  Ditch it and rock the shirt under the trench sans the scarf.  Or, throw on a skinny black tie.  Untuck the white shirt for a hint of sloppy-dress.  This look will turn heads and envelop the wearer in a cloak of confidence and poise.

Entry: Kelly de Silva


A fancy white dress shirt with French lapels, slim dress trousers, black vintage boots, finished off with a vintage dress jacket and topped off with Hats in the Belfry Deuce - Stingy Brim Bowler. Add an extra long feather on the bowler for added pizazz.

Entry: Xelkos


Ne-Yo has a thing for fedoras and beautiful suits and he looks good in them both. This ensemble he wore to the Grammys is by Ferragamo.  Nice grey/black suit, yet his fedora should of matched up with a Belfry Street Fuego - Corduroy Fedora or Goorin Prohibition - Diamond Crown Fedora.

You have until this Friday, January 21st to vote.  This competition is going to be tough. Happy voting! - Shannon

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61 Responses to “Looks You Love – Contest Finalist”

  1. Rose Says:

    I love the look put together by Sharon G, so I totally vote for her!

  2. Kelly de Silva Says:

    I vote for Kelly de Silva! :)

  3. marie Says:

    My vote goes to LouiseBC. That look is crackin! Brilliant! Wish I was wearing it now.

  4. Dariene Says:

    LouiseBC all the way! The look is so sexy yet subtle.

  5. Sheri Jahner Says:

    I really like Sharon G’s outfit the best!

  6. Wehaf Says:

    I love the looks that LouiseBC and Adrien put together. Even though I generally wear pants these looks make me want to rock some dresses!

  7. Monty Says:

    Sharon G is Where it is at!

  8. Jlynn Says:

    I love Sharon G’s look! It reminds me of a date in the city kind of look.

  9. Amber Says:

    Oh, I would wear Louise’s look - I vote for her!

  10. Faith Says:

    Sharon G’s outfit is versatile and classic. I vote for her.

  11. Faith Says:

    For men’s category I vote Jared’s.

  12. Ashley Says:

    Adore Amblus’ look. Great outfit! Totally gets my vote.

  13. Megan Says:

    My vote goes to Amblus/Adrien from Looks good from the back. Digging that look!

  14. JG Says:

    I vote for Adriene’s look!

  15. Noah Says:

    I vote Amblus!

  16. Eliza Says:

    Amblus gets my vote!

  17. Donna Wilson Says:

    I vote for Kelly De Silva

  18. Charles Hamer Says:

    My vote goes to Sharon G!!!!!

  19. Dave Says:

    I vote for LouiseBC. Everybody else apparently dresses like a whore …

  20. Chael Needle Says:

    Kelly de Silva gets my vote.

  21. Amber Says:

    I vote for Kelly de Silva!

  22. Mieka Says:

    I vote for Kelly de Silva!

  23. Kathleen Kennedy Says:

    LouiseBC’s selection is J’ADORABLE, chic, sassy and demure, hands down my favorite.

  24. Swami Dave Says:

    I vote for LouiseBC because her stuff looks nice. A

    Also, she said she’d “make Big Daddy scream” if I did.

  25. axeman13 Says:

    LouiseBC. The boots are the tie breaker.

  26. Sue J. Says:

    LouiseBC–wish I had that hat in black (mine’s brown!); and love the tights and boots!

    Jarrod for the guys….Great description–that’s so right!

  27. Colleen C Says:

    Sharon G’s look is my favourite. So flirty and fun!

  28. Carolyn Harris Says:

    I like Louise BC’s choices the best. A vote for her!

  29. Sean Nelson Says:

    My vote goes to LouiseBC, obviously.

  30. JJ Says:

    LouiseBC all the way…

  31. Sharon C Says:

    I vote for Kelly de Silva!

  32. jamie Says:

    Louis BC! I would totally wear that, so sixties london!

  33. Henry Says:

    I like LouiseBC–definitley a tylish look.

  34. Roy Wilson Says:

    I vote for Kelly DeSilva.

  35. Laurie Says:

    I vote for Sharon G. Sophisticated and not pretentious!

  36. Marsha Perkins Says:

    I vote for Sharon G and her hot look!!!

  37. Abby Says:

    Sharon G — hot stuff!

  38. Karen Says:

    Sharon G’s entry is the cutest, and most appealing. She wins!

  39. Dragana Says:

    I like Sharon G. the best. She gets my vote!

  40. Jana Says:

    Girls - Sharon G

    Guys - jarrod b

  41. Ben Erlandson Says:

    I vote for Jarrod Barnes. Very stylish!

  42. Lynda Says:

    I like Sharon G.’s put-together the best !!

  43. Lil Mary Says:

    I love Sharon G’s look and am voting for her. I want a pair of those awesome platforms.

  44. Tracy Says:

    I vote for Sharon G!!!!!!

  45. Lynn Says:

    Sharon G.’s all the way

  46. Alev Says:

    Louise BC, that look rocks!

  47. Gabs Says:

    I vote sharon g’s!!!!!

  48. Scooter Says:

    I love Sharon G’s outfit! Fun and stylish…a throwback to the 1980s. Nicely done!

  49. Drea M. Says:

    Adrien is definitely my favorite look!

  50. Jarrod Barnes Says:

    Well, I have to vote for myself…right? So, I vote for Jarrod Barnes (in the 3rd person :) )

  51. Victoria Says:

    Sharon G’s design is awesome! I vote for her.

  52. Tracy D Says:

    I love Sharon’s G’s choices. What a cute quirky look!

  53. Sara Says:

    Oh, Sharon G. for sure. Love the colors and lines.

  54. Patrick Says:

    Voting for Jarrod B.

  55. Monica Says:

    I pick Jarrod Barnes!

  56. Sijo Says:

    I vote for Jarrod and his design.

  57. Tammy Says:

    I vote for Jarrod all the way!

  58. Katie Says:

    I vote for Jarrod B

  59. Jazzy Says:

    I vote for Jarrod Barnes! The look is AWESOME!

  60. Rae Says:

    Sharon G’s outfit looks so fun! VOTE!

  61. Stacey Says:

    Jarrod B— Dashing!!

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