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Summer Scarves

July 26th, 2011 Posted in Fashion & Style

The only accessory that I love more than a hat is a beautiful scarf. I think of the two accessories as similar in the sense that a scarf says something about a person just like a hat. When you see someone wearing a scarf they look put together, like they thought through each piece of their outfit rather than randomly put something together. This may not necessarily be the case, but because a scarf is an accessory that is more fashionable than functional in the summer months, it creates that impression.

Some of my favorite summer scarves are featured in the Getaway Collection on www.hatsinthebelfry.com. These unique prints and materials make for a scarf that can be worn throughout the year while still looking fresh and light for the summer.

A crinkle scarf like The Charlotte is perfect for traveling. You can roll it up and keep it in your beach bag. How glamorous would you feel coming off the beach with your bathing suit, sun hat and scarf? The neutral tone is easy for any wardrobe, but the fashion colors like the green or purple are great, too.


The Jasmine Sparkle Fashion Scarf adds a pop of color and a little glitz that can be worn day into evening. A long scarf that can be wrapped and worn in different ways adds a different look to different outfits. These great colors like turquoise and lilac combine hues of those colors while still looking bold and bright.


If your look is a little more bohemian The Maya Floral Fashion Scarf might be more your style. I love it when people mismatch their prints and this scarf would be a perfect way to add some extra color to your ensemble. The colors are soft for summer and will translate well into the fall season.


My favorite scarf featured in the collection is The Camilla Polka Dot Scarf. I love the different sized dots and the splash of color with the neutral of the green. I also love the idea of putting this scarf with the Belfry Roxanna Fedora. I can see this look being worn with a black sundress or a t-shirt and jeans and still looking swanky.


A great scarf is truly a unique accessory that can add an extra touch of class to any outfit.     - Shannon

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