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The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly

June 14th, 2011 Posted in Fashion & Style

I love when I find a picture of one of my favorite celebrities in a great hat. It is fantastic to see actors, musicians, and even reality TV stars wearing a stylish hat on the red carpet. When a celebrity takes a risk with their hat style sometimes it is awesome and sometimes it is awful. Today’s post is a tribute to those that have tried and failed…but at least they tried. I am no celebrity stylist, but I’m sure I can recommend a better hat style to complete these celebrity looks.

Regina King, known for her roles in films like Jerry Maguire, Enemy of the State and Boys in the Hood, is definitely in fantastic shape and not afraid to show some leg. The dress is cute and summery, even if it is a little short. The white cloche hat, just does not compliment her look. A floppy hat in a great color like the San Diego Jessica, large brim would have made a much better impression.


Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls has been known to wear some revealing items when performing on stage. Why she has chosen to wear this ensemble is beyond me. I almost don’t have anything to recommend that would save it. This floppy style in olive green is a great hat, but paired with a fur vest and skinny jeans, it looks like an afterthought. A mod style cap like the Belfry Jay Gatsby would be a better fit with this glam fur look.


I cannot believe that I am going to recommend a better accessory for Donna Karan, but this over the top floppy is just not helping her cause. It seems like she is going for a beach-y Grecian neutral thing, but the hat just doesn’t seem to be doing its job here. Why not go for a hat that is a little more classic, actually offers some shade and adds just a touch of color like the Helen Kaminski Provence Rafia Floppy?


Khloe, Khloe, Khloe, why do you do this to yourself? This ensemble is just too much. The brim on this hat is too big and the cropped pants are not flattering. If I had to recommend a hat to improve this look, it would be a classic men’s fedora snap brim like the Belfry Goon. Keep it all black and sleek.


Shanae Grimes of Scream 4 and the 2000’s version of 90210, looks like she is going to a 90’s party in this outfit. A see-through top, with jean shorts and boots are enough to get her on the worst dressed list. You really can’t blame the hat. If I had to pick another hat to go with this look, I would probably suggest the Belfry Straw Jazz in the tobacco color straw, mostly just because I really like this hat. There is no saving this outfit.


I wasn’t going to pick on anyone photographed at The Derby, but Brooke Sheilds should know better. I know it is a day to wear over the top artistic interpretations of a hat, but please, Brooke, you can do better. The Christine A. Moore Feather fascinator in cream would go perfectly with your plunging neckline of a dress and still make a statement.


My final hat disaster is my favorite one to pick on…Lady Gaga, Even though I regularly include you on my lists of “worst” hat choices, I hope you continue to wear them. I just love to see what will be on top of your head next. – Shannon


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