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Mixed Business – Jazz Give-Away!

March 22nd, 2011 Posted in Giveaway, Who's Wearing Belfry Brand

We haven’t done a give-away in a while, so why not give away a hat that is Hot Hot Hot right now!

Belfry Jazz Wool - Brown


As you may have read, Hats in the Belfry is partnering with a Baltimore based band in support of their new album release. Mixed Business is a group of talented musicians who also happen to have great taste in hats. During a recent photo shoot, one of the band members, Brian Forte, wore our Belfry Jazz snap brim pork pie hat which is a great hat to transition through the seasons.


We want you to have this hat! Leave a comment here with which version of the Jazz is your favorite and be entered to win you choice of Jazz hat. You will have until Friday, March 25th to comment and one winner will be drawn at random.

Belfry Braid Jazz - Natural


Belfry Straw Jazz - Tobacco


Belfry Straw Be-Bop - Black


A second chance to win! There are two ways to win your choice of Belfry Jazz style.  Leave a comment here on the blog or go to our Facebook page and comment on your favorite Belfry Jazz hat!

For those local to the Baltimore area, we hope you will join us at the record release party this Saturday!

Saturday, March 26th

Mick O’Shea’s, 328 N. Charles Street

Free Admission if you wear one of Mixed Business’ favorite Belfry hats!

20% off the purchase of one hat with copy of Mixed Business CD

or attendance at the record release party!

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29 Responses to “Mixed Business – Jazz Give-Away!”

  1. Eva Firda Says:

    I an seriously digging the black Belfry Straw Be-Bop hat and I am betting my guy would adorable in it!

  2. brian Says:

    love the Belfry Jazz Wool, it kix.. thanx

  3. Terry Walker Says:

    I have a black wool Jazz and love it. While at a conference in San Antonio, while walking the river walk, I was complimented on it time after time. Not bad for a 56 year old walking with young single men whom received not one mention. Man that burned their backside.

  4. Randy Peterson Says:

    I’ve got my eye on the Belfry Braid Jazz.

  5. Mike Gilbert Says:

    Totally diggin the Belfry Jazz Wool - Brown, I’ll check out the band for their great taste in hats!

  6. Timothy Childree Says:

    Such a cool lid….only problem is finding it in my 24 inch noggin…luck everyone,it is a killer hat !

  7. Robert DiCiccio Says:

    I own the wool pork pie and would seriously love the “Belfry straw jazz - tobacco”. sweet lid!

  8. James (Jackaroo Jim) Miller Says:

    That brown Belfry Jazz Wool has sophistication, pizazz, and sex appeal all wrapped into one outstanding head gear! It’s my favorite of the four without any reservation.

  9. Dean Smithwick Says:

    With Spring in its infancy stage this season the Belfry Braid Jazz - Natural DEFINITELY looks like a winner for me.

  10. prsaxman Says:

    Belfry Straw Jazz - Tobacco has versatile combination possibilities that will rock with the looks I have lined up for this summer.

  11. Andrade G. Sanchez Says:

    That Belfry Straw Jazz Tobacco is so hot! I wear hats more now since I’m growing my hair out and would love to have this in my collection! thank you.

  12. Jon Beasley Says:

    Belfry Straw Jazz, Tobacco is the way to go!!

  13. Marya Says:

    The Tobacco is outstanding!

  14. Nicholas Chung Says:

    Belfry Briad Jazz kicks ass!!! \m/

  15. Mitchell Sternbach Says:

    The Belfry Jazz Wool is a hat for all seasons. It strikes the right tone, and is music to my eyes- and hopefully, my head!

  16. Mira Says:

    I absolutely adore the Belfry straw jazz in tobacco. What a gorgeous collection!

  17. Bryan Glasel Says:

    Definitely digging that Brown Belfry Jazz Wool!

  18. Dean Miller Says:

    I bought my first hat from you within the last 2 months and it’s the finest thing I own. Wearing the black derby made me feel sophisticated and call everyone “my good man.” Hopefully, the straw be-bop in black will bring out my smoother side and I can add “daddy-o” to the end of each sentence.

  19. Stephanie Says:

    I love the BeBop hat in black. I love that your hats fit my strange shaped head. I would love to take it home with me. I will hug it and sqeeze it and call it George.

  20. Chris Green Says:

    I already picked up th Belfry Braid Jazz - Natural. So the Belfry Straw Be-Bop - Black would be nice to add to my collection. Thanks.

  21. Will Vallandigham Says:

    Totally loving the the Belfry Jazz Wool, but the Straw Tobacco comes in a close second.

  22. Amber Senter Says:

    I’m really diggin’ the Jazz BeBop in Black. Ice cold fo sho!

  23. Jerry Levinski Says:

    Belfry Braid Jazz is my pick. Looks like a great summer hat!

  24. Deanne Ross Says:

    The Black Straw BeBop Hat definitely swings! And I know
    a hepcat that this hat would look killer on.

  25. Mary S Says:

    Okay, Love the Braid wool! :)

  26. Jerry Woodman Says:

    I love the color of the tobacco hat it would add nicely to my collection

  27. Zach A. Says:

    I like Belfry Braid Jazz in natural.

  28. k john story Says:

    I bought the porkpie for my wedding but the be-bop in black would be the envy of all the cats out here in Norway.

  29. shannon Says:

    Congratulations to Mike Gilbert! He is the winner of a new Belfry Jazz hat!

    “Mike Gilbert Says:
    Totally diggin the Belfry Jazz Wool - Brown, I’ll check out the band for their great taste in hats!”

    Thank you everyone who entered our give-away. Make sure to check in for more hat news and future contests!

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