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End of Summer Style

August 8th, 2011 Posted in Hats in the News, Spring & Summer Hats, Trend Watch

With summer winding down, many celebrities have been spotted sporting their summer hat styles at the beach, out shopping and enjoying some family time. And why shouldn’t they? With just a few weeks left until the back to school, fall holidays chaos begins, we should all be taking a cue and indulging in some final R&R before the hustle and bustle commences.

Katie Holmes took daughter Suri on a shopping trip in L.A. sporting a straw fedora similar to the Belfry Goon style on sale from $38.00 to $24.00




Jennifer Anniston went on a Hawaiian getaway with beau Justin Theroux. Justin’s pub cap is the perfect style to wear summer to fall. Our Belfry Biltmore Cap just $25.00 down from $44.00 is a great style to get you through the next two seasons.



Sandra Bullock enjoyed a movie with her little one. Her straw fedora is great to keep out the sun on these hot summer days. We suggest the Belfry Bogart light summer straw $25.00 down from $38.00.



Brittany Spears took her family to Long Island beach this week. We like her straw hat, perfect for the beach…but we’re not too sure about the rest of the outfit. You can make the Belfry Natural Ocean hat on sale from $38.00 to $30.00, look much better with a regular beach bathing suit and cover up.



There are still a few weeks of fun in the sun, so take advantage of the End of Season Sale at hatsinthebelfry.com and enjoy the end of summer with your loved ones!

(Photos from peoplemagazine.com)


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3 Responses to “End of Summer Style”

  1. Vernal A. Davis Says:

    What time of year do men stop wearing straw hats.

  2. Vernal A. Davis Says:

    when do men stop wearing straw hats.

  3. shannon Says:

    There is no rule that says you have to stop wearing straw hats after Labor Day. Straw can be worn until mid-September (weather permitting), but remember, you never want to wear your straw hat in the rain.

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