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Fedoras Are Back with the 2009 Presidential Inauguration

February 9th, 2009 Posted in Hats in the News

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Fedora hats made an inaugural comeback as the number dressing the heads of some of the Nation’s best and most respected leaders and artists at this year’s Presidential Inauguration was higher than years past.

As the ceremony unfolded, fedoras were seen on the heads of former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. During the Inaugural luncheon, Senator Ted Kennedy entered with a vibrant blue scarf and traditional black fedora.  What’s more, actors and musicians joined the fedora frenzy as Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, singer Kid Rock, and actress Rosanna Arquette sported fedora styles to the many Inaugural balls.

Belfry Stingy Fedora

While the discussion over whether or not President John F. Kennedy contributed to the demise of the classic fedora continues, it became obvious these hats are here to stay as a sea of fedoras graced the 2009 Presidential Inauguration ceremony and celebrations.

Silk-Band Fedora

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