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Get Your Green On – St. Pat’s Hats

March 14th, 2011 Posted in Hats in the News

Why not a little history lesson in honors of St. Patrick’s Day? 

March 17th is believed to be the day that St. Patrick passed away in 461 AD.  Since that time, Irish Christians have celebrated this day as a holy day.  

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day was a day where businesses would be closed and churches would hold a special mass to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick. 


This would be a day to celebrate.  The holiday falls within the observance of Lent where Catholics give-up things like sweets, alcohol and other vices as penance.  St. Patick’s Day was one day during Lent when Irishmen could have a break from Lent and enjoy a pint or two.


The first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Colonial American took place in Boston in 1737.  New York City followed with a parade and celebration in 1762.


In the 1840’s a large influx of Irish moved to American to escape the potato famine.  After that time, St. Patrick’s Day started to be recognized as a National Holiday.


Somewhere along the lines Americans started wearing green in observance of this holiday.  So pull out your bowlers and green Gatsby hats, have a pint or two and say a cheers to St. Patrick.


Images and information came from this video.  Check it out to see the full story of St. Patrick’s Day.  -Shannon

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