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Ring in the New Year & Turn Our Poor Economy Around

December 31st, 2009 Posted in Hats in the News

It’s that time of year - we all sit down and think about a new year’s resolution. Many will look back at the year past and try to evaluate their character, and some simply take the “easy way out” by pledging to lose 25 pounds this year, which more times than not never seems to happen! But this year, my new year’s resolution is one I encourage the rest of you to take, too. I pledge to Save An American Job by buying American!

It’s an unfortunate reality that we’ve all seen and felt the effects of our struggling economy. Whether in cutbacks, layoffs, loss of wages or simple penny pinching. We search for the lowest priced products more now than ever. Is that really the best answer, though? Let’s take a look at this in relation to men’s hats. If I am only worried about the lowest priced item, I may select a hat that is made in China, but what does this do for American manufacturing?

By seeking the lowest priced hat, which in many cases are foreign made, you’ve contributed to the loss of 5,500,000 jobs since the beginning of 2001. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying foreign made products are bad, but at a time where we look to turn our economy around, we need to buy American to Save American Jobs!

Let’s go back to men’s hats - products like the Belfry Purple line of hats emphasize exceptional design, durability, and reliability, not to mention they’re made by American workers. Not only would wearing one of these Belfry Purple hats give you the sense of true style, it gives you the pride that you support American made products, in turn you’ve helped Save an American job.

This year, I encourage you to help restore the American Dream. Together we can see the positive effects of saving our US Manufacturing all while looking great in some classic American made hats!


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