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Royal Fascinators

April 26th, 2011 Posted in Fashion & Style, Hats in the News, Trend Watch

With all the buzz around the Royal Wedding this week, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a Kate Middleton post. There are sure to be some impressive hats at the wedding this Friday, but will Kate wear one? She is being credited for bringing Fascinators back into popularity in the United Kingdom as well as the U.S. and has worn some incredible pieces over the last year. I don’t know if I completely agree that she was the sole reason that Fascinators are back, but I will concur that she has worn them well.


In my opinion, Fascinators started coming back in style on the wedding circuit a few years ago. The bird cage veil has replaced the long delicate veil in many a modern wedding and the fascinator grew from the trend. Brides were looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding headwear. So the question remains, will Kate choose a Fascinator for her big day?


Will she choose something abstract? Kate doesn’t play it safe when choosing her headwear. I absolutely love the straw abstract circular Fascinator with her purple suit and the black straw Fascinator with the wispy feathers. Put those two together and you get something similar to this Scala Isbel in lilac.



Will she go over the top? This woven black circular Fascinator is almost reminiscent of a conical Asian hat you would find in the fields of Vietnam, but with an obvious twist. This is not a hat that can go unnoticed and neither is the famous feather Fascinator. This feather Fascinator, similar to Christine A. Moore’s Fascinator, was the piece that said to me, this girl knows what she is doing. She is not just playing with the idea of bringing stylish hats in to her wardrobe. She must just love hats.



I won’t be completely surprised if she chooses no hat at all for the big wedding day, but I keep my fingers crossed that she will. Who knows, maybe she will choose a Fascinator similar to this stylish bride…




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3 Responses to “Royal Fascinators”

  1. Anne Says:

    Back in December, someone took a picture of a group of six girls having drinks at Level wearing fascinators. When they asked us to take our picture, she identified herself as being with your store. If you have those pictures, can you please send them via email? I have been wandering if you all would blog about fascinators…


  2. shannon Says:

    Anne, I will ask around to see who may have taken the photo you described. Thanks for reading!

  3. shannon Says:

    Anne! I found it! Our shop manager in Annpolis, Jen is the one who took your picture. I am posting it to our facebook page right now…feel free to tag yourself and your friends in the pic.

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