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“Murino Wool” - No, that’s not a typo…

March 17th, 2009 Posted in Men's Hats

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You may have curiously looked at the Belfry Frankie - Murino Classic Snap Fedora, and wondered out loud “have these people ever heard of Spell-Check?” Well, thankfully I have (it has saved me from many, many typos before). Spell-Check has recognized “Murino” so many times that I just added it to the dictionary, because no, Spell-Check, that’s not a typo…

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Merino Wool. Wikipedia defines the Merino as “the most economically influential breed of sheep in the world, prized for its wool. Merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep.” Because of its soft feel and fine texture, Merino Wool is used throughout the clothing industry, namely by quality retailers like Banana Republic and Express. The sweaters and coats made from this type of wool are popular because they are regarded as superior to regular wool.

The idea behind our Belfry Purple Murino Collection is just the same. When we decided to create our own line of better hats, we not only had quality in mind, but value as well. Instead of using fur felt or pure Merino Wool for our fedoras, we used the wool of sheep raised and sheared in Texas. Because of the warm Texas climate, the sheep there are sheared more often than regular sheep, ensuring that the wool is finer and softer. The wool is then brushed after it is woven, further adding to the silky soft touch and slight nap of the material.  With this process, we were able to deliver the same look, feel and quality of fur felt and Merino Wool, while still keeping the cost down and not harming any animals in the process.

Belfry Murino Fedora

The end product not only has a vintage look and incredible feel, but has a unique upbringing that you will not find in any other hat on the market. Murino has become a part of OUR dictionary, with a meaning that embodies the abstract idea behind what we are determined to bring to the fashion scene. With that said, we still think the hats speak for themselves.

- James

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