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Signature Style - Samuel L Jackson

October 4th, 2010 Posted in Men's Hats

I am so impressed by how much Samuel L. Jackson and the Kangol hat, are one in the same to many many customers.  You know what I’m talking about, that backwards Kangol hat that Samuel L. is famous for.  To give you a little history, Samuel L. Jackson started wearing a Kangol in the nineties and the same style hat is still popular today.  That in and of itself is an amazing feat.  He continues to be photographed in all different styles of Kangols on the red carpet even after Snakes on a Plane. 


Kangol 504 Wool Ivy Cap

On a regular basis people come in to the shop asking for the Samuel L Jackson hat.  We know that they really mean to ask for the Kangol Classic 504 Ivy Cap with a white embroidered Kangaroo on the back.  I know this might sound like crazy talk, but companies other than Kangol make a driving cap like the one that he wears.  And, hold on while I blow your minds even more, Kangol makes other styles of hats than just the driving caps!  And you will never believe this one, Kangol is a British company, not Australian. 

Have I lost you?  Maybe a picture of Sammie will bring you back.


Photo Credit

What is the point of my rambling, you ask?  I’m not really trying to make any point.  I just want people to know that they have options.  I had a customer in the store that was set on getting a Samuel L. Jackson hat, but the classic Kangol just did not look good on him.  I think the words he used were, “it looks like a navy blue dinner plate sitting on my head.”  We tried on a couple of different styles and discovered that the Goorin Bros. Alpert and Iam Reed were a much better fit for his narrow face.  Unfortunately, he was a pretty conservative guy and really had his heart set on a solid color.


Goorin Iam Reed

We tried the Belfry Biltmore, which comes in solid black and is a similar shape to the Goorin Bros. caps.  It has a nice rounded front and doesn’t poof out on the sides.  The fabric wasn’t his favorite as it has just a little sheen to it. 


Belfy Biltmore

As we worked our way through the stacks we came upon the Belfry Kent, which has a side-seems that pull the hat closer to the head on the sides.  This was his perfect hat!  Basic black and a classic style.


Belfry Kent

The moral of this story is, keep an open mind when looking for your perfect hat.   Try something new and you just might end up with your own classic style, just like Samuel L.


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