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Straw Hat Day Nears, Time to put away the Felt

That’s right - Straw Hat Day is just over a week away which means it’s time to start boxing up your cold weather headwear and pulling out your spring straw hats. Usually celebrated at the ballpark, men in the stands would punch holes in their old hats and sail them out onto the field. Anyone wearing a felt hat would get his cover snatched and flung out too. And nowhere was this holiday more strictly observed than in Baltimore, the straw-hat capital of the world. A tradition dating back to the early 1900s when men wore suites and hats everywhere, from a Saturday afternoon stroll to a Sunday baseball game, today stands as true as the “no white before Memorial Day” fashion rule.

Belfry Street Barboni - Braided Straw Stingy Fedora

May 15 is the official start to your spring wardrobe, whether you’re ready with last year’s straw hats or looking to shop for this season’s hottest trends. I always trust the experts at HatsintheBelfry.com for my fashion accessories. Their passion for hats is unmatched, combining the best hat brands and designs to step out in style.

Belfry Arista - Organic Raffia Large Brim

Celebrate Straw Hat Day next Friday with men’s funky straw fedora hats or ladies straw hats from my favorite online hat store.


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2 Responses to “Straw Hat Day Nears, Time to put away the Felt”

  1. Jake Says:

    What day did they traditionally start wearing felt hats again?

  2. james Says:

    That’s a great question. Some people say it was the first official day of fall (Sept. 22), some say it is Labor Day.

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