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Summer Style for Men

June 22nd, 2011 Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats

The summer is a time to relax, get casual and enjoy some fun in the sun. But all that time spent manning the barbeque, out on the boat/beach and watching 4th of July parades can leave a guy exposed to harmful UV rays. My suggestion…put a hat on! Choose a hat that compliments your style and you will not only be protected from the sun, but look damn good, too.

T-shirt and Shorts guys – A guy with casual and comfortable style (like this Abercrombie look) can keep it simple with a hat that can be worn through all the seasons.

The Belfry Street Army cap gives the same amount of sun protection as a baseball hat and is light weight and comfortable.



T Shirt and Jeans – If you are a t-shirt and jeans guy whether it is July or November, let you hat be the seasonal twist to your wardrobe. A basic grey Banana Republic shirt is the perfect backdrop to let your hat make the impression.

The Belfry Street Santiago is a great light weight cap that adds a super stylish element without looking like you are trying too hard.



Button Up and Shorts – If you are a casual guy who prefers a button up to a regular t-shirt (J.Crew style) your hat choice should complement your look while keeping it simple.

Go for a natural color straw that will go with any color combination in a style like the Belfry Straw Jazz.



Classed Up Casual – When putting together a stylish casual look (like this one from Banana Republic) you have to make sure your hat doesn’t make you look over the top.

The Belfry Street Cabana fedora is absolutely on trend for this summer. The snap brim style is perfect to wear day into evening.



Classic – The classic polo look from Brooks Brothers lends itself well to great hat style. A perfect panama straw will keep you cool while making you look cool.

The Belfry Delay is similar to a Safari style, with a downturned brim for optimal sun protection.



Trendsetter – If you are into wearing the latest in men’s casual fashion, make sure your hat is as stylish as the rest of you.

The Gonzo from Makins in raffia straw is a favorite this season and goes great with a casual summer style.



Button Up and Jeans – If you are a jeans wearing kind of guy who isn’t afraid of color, keep your hat style clean a simple. A khaki driving cap looks great with an Abercrombie colorful plaid button up.

A style like the Belfry Street Gilmore will work with your style for every season of the year.



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