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What is your cap style?

October 25th, 2010 Posted in Men's Hats, Trend Watch

The classic style of the flat cap is very popular this season, so it is no surprise that you see leading men from all genres sporting one out this fall.  These hats go by many names, ivy cap, driving cap, pub cab and others.  The basics are the same, but the styles can be very different, classic styles in classic colors, throwbacks to the traditional English ivy cap and new trendy fashions.  You have to ask yourself, what is your cap style?

Is it classic black?  Black does go with everything especially with more black, like Brad was spotted wearing in Budapest this month.  The black cap and scarf elevated his casual look and really makes the difference with his causal t-shirt and jeans.  But as always, he never looks like he is trying too hard.



Is it traditional ivy cap?  Funny man, Dax Shepard tops off his look with a very classic English ivy cap.  The brown plaid compliments a casual look or spruces up a dress shirt with skinny tie.  If you are a guy who isn’t afraid to show off your style, this look is for you. 



Is it casual grey wool?  Kellan Lutz, actor in the hit Twilight movies, is featured in all the grocery checkout aisle magazines since the success of the vampire flicks.  His classic style is a flat cap with a leather jacket.  The basic grey cap goes with a brown motorcycle jacket as well as with a black pea coat.



Is it fashionable plaid?  Hip hop artist, Talib Kweli, makes a statement with his brown plaid ivy cap.  Still a very classic style, his look is elevated when his hat is the focal point of his ensemble.  This proves that you don’t have to match prints exactly to what you are wearing.  A great hat can stand alone.



No matter which style you choose, a classic cap will certainly make your look stand out this fall.

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4 Responses to “What is your cap style?”

  1. Xelkos Says:

    Wished I knew my cap style. I’m so fashion uncoordinated I make caterpillars look “in style”.

    Here’s a shot of me using a classic “fish eye” view, so you could say this was in Walleye Vision!

  2. shannon Says:

    Xelkos, I say, you can never go wrong with classic black. That way no matter what you are wearing, you don’t have to worry about coordinating. Plus, a classic black flat cap will NEVER go out of style, so you don’t even have to update your look in the future, just get another black cap when yours wears out! Here is one of my favorites (one that rolls up and goes in your pocket): http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/product/belfry-kent.html

  3. Young Sinatra Says:

    I never thought I looked good in a hat because of my small hat size. But I discovered the Fedora and I absolutely love them!:) I have a brown & blk plaid felt and a blk & wht sm. check felt design. I only wear the blk & wht at night. I think it’s too much in the day. The brown I can wear day or night. I like MY Fedora to sit low on my eyebrow. Next on my list is a blk fedora.

  4. shannon Says:

    Young Sinatra, I hope you will check out our selection of fedoras on http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com, we have some great styles in black.

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