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Belfry 2.0

November 1st, 2010 Posted in News from the Shops

There is so much excitement going on in the Hats In The Belfry shops that I just had to share it here on the blog.  We are working hard to make sure that we not only offer the best selection of hats, but also create a unique shopping experience for any of you that are lucky enough to be in our area.  We are calling our rejuvenation efforts, Belfry 2.0. 

We started in Philly with a shop makeover that has really refreshed the atmosphere and shopping experience.  Out with the old retail fixtures and in with charming décor that gives us better space to showcase the new styles and accessories. We pulled in some new shelves and painted our walls to create a warmer feel to the shop.  One of the favorite additions (according to our staff) is the new checkout “bar”.  This stylish piece really ties the space together.  Our shop Manager, Robert, says “The makeover of the shop has really lifted everyone’s spirits and made the shop feel fresh and new.  We all love coming to work, but it really makes a difference when you have a new feeling space to be in.”









Our second major project was a full store remodel of our flagship shop in Annapolis.  This space has been for the most part unchanged since we opened our doors over 30 years ago.  We knocked out the wall to the shop next door and now have a 1000 square foot hat shopping destination.  The old slat wall came down and was replaced with new faux brick.  We repainted, changed the light fixtures and brought in additional display space.  We added in a big screen TV behind a fantastic new checkout “bar.”  Our shop Manager Jen (who has worked here for 14 years) says her favorite thing about the remodel is, “the warm and inviting atmosphere that was created when we redid the store.  It is open and inviting and people really want to spend time here” The transformation has been incredible and it has been a blast to see our regular customers’ faces when they walk in the door to find a whole new space.







Taking things to the next level not only excites our customers, but our neighbors and staff as well.  The enthusiasm from our neighboring business owners is really nice to see.  We have a great relationship with the people who work in businesses on our street and if our shop is doing well, we all do well!  I worked in the Annapolis shop off and on for 12 years and it truly feels like a new store.  I can’t even remember what it used to look like, since it feels like it should have always looked like this. 

We hope that if you haven’t been by one of our shops in a while you will come check out our new look.  And for those too far away to see our stores in person, keep checking our facebook page for more pictures of our new and improved look!


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2 Responses to “Belfry 2.0”

  1. BC Says:

    Now if I only lived closer… Don’t ya’ll REALLY want to open a store down south? C’mon… you know you do. We promise to not play dueling banjos or try & talk you into carrying rebel flag trucker hats.

  2. shannon Says:

    As we continue to grow there is no place we wouldn’t consider. Plus, we love Southerners here at HITB!

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