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Who’s Wearing Belfry Brand

January 24th, 2011 Posted in News from the Shops, Who's Wearing Belfry Brand

Hats in the Belfry has been in business selling quality fashionable hats for over 30 years, so it is no wonder that we have attracted celebrity hat wearers as regular customers. We carry one of the best selections of brands and styles, so everyone can find a hat that fits their own personal style whether they are on or off camera. What has been exciting in the last couple of years is the celebrity attraction to our own Belfry Brand hats. Famous customers with a wide range of occupation can always find a Belfry hat that elevates their look.

In order to make sure we are designing the best styles for our customers we ask ourselves, Who’s Wearing Belfry Brand?

Fashion Bloggers – There are some great blogs out there that feature styling tips and share personal style of the people who know the hot trends. These people are fashion savvy and can put together a complete look whether they are shopping expensive designer racks or finding great pieces at bargain prices. Just this month, Belfry hats have been a part of a look featured by fashion bloggers, The Style Blogger and Wit & Whimsy.


irene kent

Comedians – Just because someone is incredibly funny, doesn’t mean that they are dressed like a clown. Comedians like Donnel Rawlings known from The Chappelle Show and Annapolis’ own E.J. Ruchman make sure that a Belfry hat is part of their act, but nothing to laugh at, whether it is the Belfry Street Mai Tai cap or one of our classic Belfry Bowler hats.



Musicians – The difference between a musician and a rock star can be as simple as what they are wearing. Confidence can often come from feeling good in what you are wearing and if you are wearing a rockin’ hat, you are going to feel like you own your audience. Rocker, Alicia Solo of Beautiful Bodies was photographed wearing her Belfry Freddie opening for My Chemical Romance. Joe Waller, drummer for Loyalty Amongst Theives can often been seen in a Belfry hat, like this Belfry Jazz.



Fighters – Although we would never want to get in the ring with one of these champion fighters, we don’t mind posing for photos with them in their favorite Belfry hats. The famous Mike Tyson shopped for the perfect knit at our Philadelphia store. Bernard Hopkins has a collection of caps from our shop including this Belfry Street Blackgold.



You!!! Belfry designs are modern and stylish, so it is no surprise that all of our Belfry customers feel like celebrities as soon as they put on their perfect hat. A common quote I hear from our Belfry customers is, “I get so many compliments when I wear my Belfry hat.” Getting stopped on the street sounds like a celebrity moment to me.


Photos from our National Hat Day Facebook Contest.

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