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Shannon’s Top 5 Favorite Summer Hats

May 31st, 2011 | 2 Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Spring & Summer Hats

Today’s post is my personal top pick list of this season’s hats. Think of it as the “Employee Favorite” section in our virtual store. There are so many amazing styles this summer that it is tricky to narrow them down, especially if you are new to wearing hats. I am a lover of all styles, so today I decided to put together a listing my favorite hats of this season, in no particular, in order to help anyone who doesn’t know where to begin when picking out the perfect hat.

It is important to have a hat in your wardrobe that serves both fashion and function. For me, the Belfry Brasil is a perfect example of this. It is a stylish snap brim fedora that can be worn by both men and women and literally goes with any outfit. You can wear this hat with a business suit or a bathing suit. It is also really light weight, so it is a perfect sun blocking hat that will keep you cool on those 100 degree days.


For us girls who like to make a statement with their hat fashions, the Makins Roslyn is the perfect style for summer events. I’ve mentioned this hat in a previous post and have since been told by more than one Hats in the Belfry employee, that this is their favorite hat to wear in the shop. It goes with any summer dress, from basic black to hot pink sundress. And it is just plain gorgeous.


*I know this is not a hat, but I am also in love with this paisley scarf.

The Belfry Law was a hat I wore on a regular basis when I was working in the Annapolis shop last summer. Usually I wear the biggest and most elaborate hats we carry because I like to pretend that I’m rich and famous when I am working, but the Belfry Law was my go-to hat when I couldn’t find anything extravagant that fit my fancy for the day. And I always ended up selling the hat off my head when I wore it. It is still one of my favorite hats in the store. I just love the tobacco colored straw and the green band. I can see this hat being a favorite for many summers to come.


When it comes to Cloche styles, there are so many to choose from. I chose the Belfry Meridian as my favorite this season because I love the shiny Milan straw and the delicate floral accent. It reminds me of the hat that Marissa Miller wore to the Kentucky Derby (which I adored and critics hated). It is a very feminine hat that is a classic 1920’s cloche style, but it goes perfectly with modern fashions.


My final pick for my top 5 hats this season is the Christy’s Crown Lafayette pub cap. Full disclosure, I personally do not wear pub caps. For some reason, they are just not flattering for me. But my BFF and Manager of the Annapolis shop, Jen, looks great in them.


When I am picking out a pub cap for a customer, I am thinking of what would look good on her. Jen, if you are reading this, I think this hat would look really cute on you.

I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite hat this season? - Shannon

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