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Accessorizing Your Hat

November 15th, 2010 Posted in Fashion & Style, Trend Watch

Many people consider a hat to be an accessory, but to us, the hat is the most important part of the outfit. A great hat defines your style. Can you say the same about a necklace? I don’t think so. This is a great thing for many reasons, one being that when you don’t consider your hat your fashion accessory it leaves room to add even MORE accents to your ensemble.

There are two ways to accessorize with your hat. 1) Add something to the hat itself and 2) add something that will compliment the hat. What I hope to do in the post is explain a couple ways to do this without going over the top.

Exhibit A: Hat Flair ala Ke$ha


I can not say that I like everything that pop star, Ke$ha wears, but I was impressed to see her in this very wearable and well accessorized hat. It is a basic floppy felt hat, with some added hat flair. Adding a band or a pin is great way to personalize any hat look.


Exhibit B: Men’s Lightweight Scarf ala Johnny Depp


Depp does accessories very well. A basic scarf compliments his hat and makes him look that much more put together and stylish at the same time.


Exhibit C: Sunglasses, skinny belt and big leather bag ala Katie Holmes and seen on runways everywhere.


A hat and sunglasses can make anyone look like they are incognito fashionistas. Pair that with a skinny belt and a fab black leather handbag and you are sure to turn heads.


Exhibit D: Men’s Warm Scarf ala Matthew McConaughey


He pulls of the casual look with a great hat and a basic grey scarf. It is getting cold outside and guys need a good scarf to go with their coats whether they are casual or formal.

belfry-pivo_greyBelfry Cambridge Scarf

The moral of this story is, find what works for you by trying something new this season.  Any accessory is sure to spruce up your every day look and compliment your hat.


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