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Christys' Crown Christys' Crown Christys' Crown

Christys' Crown

Christys' began way back in 1773, when Miller Christy decided that making fine quality men's hats was his calling. It took him seven years of apprenticeship to learn "the art and mystery of felt making". Christys' Crown is the US street edition of the traditional Christys' of London brand. Designed in California, Christys' Crown hats are made with the same fine quality of their parent brand, but have more contemporary design and style.

Christys' Crown takes classic men's fedoras, caps, and bowlers, and blends them with some of the hottest designs in today's fashion. The Women's Christys' Crown collection is just as big on style. These street hats take wool, cotton, and other materials to form comfortable and stylish products. All of their styles are only produced in limited runs as to make sure that you'll be the only one that can rock whichever Christys' Crown hat that choose.