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Dress Hats

Finish off your black tie ensemble with one of our high-style men’s dress hats. Ideal for occasions ranging from derby parties to galas and everything in between, these dress hats for men bring stately sophistication to your dressed up look. We categorize dress hats based on their style and material. Typically, more formal hats are made with surrounding brims and structured fabrics like wool, fur felt, linen or straw. We carry dressy men’s hats by popular brands like Borsalino, Stetson, Belfry, Biltmore and Dobbs at Hats in the Belfry.

Men’s winter dress hats, including fur felt hats and wool hats, are great for cold-weather occasions, while our dressier Panama hats and pork pies are more appropriate for summer soirees. We carry both types of men’s fedora dress hats for all-weather wear, plus stylish suede fedoras. Our dressy men’s hat selection also includes cashmere derby hats, bowler hats, gambler hats and even dressed up safari hats for more snazzy occasions.