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Fur Felt Hats

The use of fur felt in making hats dates back to the 14th century, mainly in Holland and Spain, where fur felt hats were made by hand.

Fur felt hats have remained popular over the centuries because they are lightweight, soft to the touch, and have a superior ability to keep their shape and withstand the elements.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, fur felt hats were treated with mercury nitrate. Hat makers, or milliners, were exposed to trace amounts on a daily basis, and the metal accumulated in their bodies over time. Some of the side effects included various nervous tics and twitches, as well as dementia, leading to the phrase “mad as a hatter” being used to describe their behavior.

In the 1800s, traditional milliners began to be replaced by factories, which combined the process of making fur felt with the process of making fur felt hats.

Recently, handmade fur felt hats have made a comeback, as the public has sought quality over quantity. And as mercury is no longer used in the process, milliners need no longer fear becoming “mad hatters.”

Fur felt hats for men are especially popular as a fall or winter accessory. They’re lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day, while being warm, and the brim on fur felt fedoras helps protect the wearer from rain or snow. And whether you’re looking for fur felt fedoras to pair with a leather jacket and casual jeans, or a fur felt top hat to top off your favorite suit, we have fur felt hats for men to complement any outfit.

Among fur felt hats for men, fedoras are by far the most popular. The fedora was actually originally designed as a woman’s hat in the 1880s. By the 1920s, it was adopted and styled as a man’s hat, and enjoyed the peak of its popularity between the ‘20s and ‘60s. Fur felt fedoras are most often associated with prohibition, gangsters, and film noir. Since those days, these fedoras have graced the heads of good guys and gangsters alike, as well as more than a few sultry ladies.

Fur felt fedoras have been an iconic accessory in popular films and television shows, such as the Indiana Jones movies and Mad Men television series. Pop star Michael Jackson wore a black fedora in the 1990s. All these appearances have kept fur felt fedoras in the public eye as a classic and timeless accessory, contributing to its popularity today.

When looking at fur felt fedoras, don’t forget to pay attention to the band. The band adds stability and durability, but is also the most eye-catching part of the hat. Look for leather bands, feather accents, or simple buckles to add the perfect finishing touch and define your personal style.

Fur felt hats for men come in more styles than just fedoras, too. The trilby, an updated fedora, is another popular fur felt hat. It has a shorter brim than the fedora, which is rolled in the back.

Fur felt hats also come in styles such as derby or bowler hats, pork pie hats, top hats, and even safari hats. The colors of these hats can range from black, grey, and blue, to brown, khaki, green, and even orange, as fur felt can be dyed a variety of colors.

With our selection of fur felts, you're sure to find the perfect accessory to look hot in cold weather.