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Kangol Kangol Kangol


Founded in 1938 in Cleator, Cumbria, England by Jakob Spreiregen, Kangol is a clothing company that's most famous for its Kangol hats for men.

Kangol, a classic brand with timeless styles that will always be in vogue... The K stands for "knitted," the ANG for "angora," and the OL for "wool." With hats for everyone from soldiers and workers to golfers, we carry Kangol hats for men to suit every need or individual style.

Spreiregen, a World War I veteran, opened his first factory in 1938 with nephew Joseph Meisner. He opened up a second factory near Frizington. And then a third factory in Carlisle under the supervision of his younger nephew Sylvain Meisner.

Spreiregen's Kangol hats company become a major beret supplier to the armed forces during World War II, and were most famously worn by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Kangol surged in popularity during the war, and haven't fallen out of style since.

In the 1960s, designers such as Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin were fond of working with this famous brand. Prominent figures such as the Beatles, Arnold Palmer, and Princess Diana often wore Kangol hats, further contributing to their popularity. The Beatles specifically wore prototypes, before the styles were manufactured for the public. In the 1980s, Kangol hats became popular among the hip-hop community. Influential artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., L.L. Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, and Run DMC incorporated Kangol caps into their styles.

Kangol hats can be found immortalized in numerous media, too. Musicians Slick Rick and the Boogie Boys reference Kangol hats in their songs. In the movie New Jack City, Wesley Snipes, as Nino Brown, and his gang, the Cash Money Brothers, are seen wearing Kangol hats throughout.

More recently, Kevin Eubanks, the bandleader on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, is known for wearing a Kangol hat just about every night. Samuel L. Jackson has also shown his fondness for Kangol hats. In the movie Jackie Brown, he wears one from back to front as Ordell Robbie.

One of Kangol's most popular lines is the Kangol 504 cap. High-end hats and caps are formed using tools called "hat blocks." A hat block is made of a material like wood or aluminum, so hat companies can ensure that their styles are made in consistent shapes. 504 refers to the number given to the style long ago in Kangol's history, which is now one of the most popular and easily recognizable shapes. The wool Kangol 504 cap is the most original of the caps, introduced in 1954.

Kangol doesn't just manufacture caps and berets, but fedoras as well. We carry a wide variety of Kangol fedoras, from the Player, a classic wool felt Kangol fedora hat, to the Tribal, a contemporary paper straw fedora.

And we don't just have a large selection of Kangol fedoras, but everything from driver and ivy caps, to knit and newsboy caps, to pork pie and derby hats. All in materials and colors to suit every individual style. So you're sure to find the perfect Kangol hat to top off your outfit and join the ranks of the rich and famous, all at affordable prices!