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The Murino Collection

The idea behind our Belfry Purple Murino Collection is simple. When we decided to create our own line of better hats, we not only had quality in mind, but value as well. Instead of using fur felt or pure Merino Wool for our fedoras, we used the wool of sheep raised and sheared in Texas. Because of the warm Texas climate, the sheep there are sheared more often than regular sheep, ensuring that the wool is finer and softer. The wool is then brushed after it is woven, further adding to the silky soft touch and slight nap of the material. With this process, we were able to deliver the same look, feel and quality of fur felt and Murino Wool, while still keeping the cost down and not harming any animals in the process.

11 The Murino Collection On 1 Page

11 The Murino Collection On 1 Page
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