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Outdoor and Adventure

This collection of hats give you any type of safari, outback, western, or pith helmet that you may need on any outdoor excursion. Whether you're going hiking along a nature trail, fishing with your son, or just barbequing in the backyard, it is important to have a hat that is comfortable and practical. Each style of hat here offers protection and comfort in their own ways.

Safari hats generally have the smallest brims of the group, contoured downwards in the front and the back. They are the most casual of the bunch, great for a family picnic or a walk in the city. Most outback hats have chincords to ensure that your hat will not fly off. These hats are great for boating and hiking. Westerns have bigger brims that flared outwards on the sides, good for neck, face and shoulder coverage. Pith helmets are classic, sturdy hats that protect your head from minor bumps and bruises. No matter which hat suits your style best, be sure that it will be ready for any outdoor adventure.