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Outdoor and Adventure

Whether you fancy yourself more of a John Wayne or more of an Indiana Jones, Hats in the Belfry has an adventure hat to meet your specific explorer profile. Designed to shield your face and neck from the elements while you conquer the world, our adventure hats and outdoor hats for men are all about style and utility. We carry safari hats, outback hats, Western hats, pith helmets, deerstalkers and many other styles that are made from the most rugged, practical materials like leather, straw, canvas, poplin and oilskin.

Our outdoor hats for men include styles by Outback Trading, Stetson, Wigens, Henschel and other top hat makers. Our own line of Belfry outdoor adventure hats covers a broad spectrum of all-weather styles, including Panama straw safari hats and cotton rain hats that offer exceptional UV and weather protection while helping to absorb and control moisture for all-day comfort.

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