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Porkpie and Stingy Hats Porkpie and Stingy Hats Porkpie and Stingy Hats

Porkpie and Stingy Hats

The Porkpie became wildly popular by artists, musicians, and fashion forward gentlemen in the 1940's and 1950's. Although this hat remained a strong statement among artists throughout the years, it became popular during the 1990's with the release of Johnny Depp's Benny and Joon in 1993, along with several others. The Porkpie hat soon became the most important fashion hat of the 1990's.

Today's Bebop Porkpie varies little from the original, yet many variations are being made in other styles. The original Porkpie featured a telescope brim, with a very short 1 1/18" inch brim. Current brim lengths are as stingy as ever, but Porkpies can now be found with diamond crowns, center dents, and teardrop crowns. The true popularity of the Porkpie lies within the stinginess of the brim length. As long as the brim remains short, the Porkpie will continue to evolve.

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