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Big Brim Hats Big Brim Hats Big Brim Hats

Big Brim Hats

Big brim hats for women have been a part of the fashion world for years, but unlike many trends that die hard, this admired style continues to make a name for itself year after year. Big brim hats offer unique character to complete any look by providing class and style. While all styles of womens hats have been a compliment to their attire for years, big brim hats have taken off as the perfect addition to any formal occasion, a night on the town, horse race or summer getaway at the beach.

Our popular line of big brim women's hats features the styles of top hat designers, Kokin, Helen Kaminski, San Diego, and Scala, to name a few. Kokin's big brim hat designs have been seen on the heads of First Lady, Laura Bush and Hollywood stars: Farrah Fawcett, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson. He has been titled the "Milliner of the Kentucky Derby" for his famous Kentucky Derby hats, and even won the awards for being the featured hat designer for the 1995 movie Clueless, staring Alicia Silverstone. For those of you looking for quality and affordability, be sure not to miss the Scala big brim hat collection - as seen in Self magazine, Cosmo Girl, and InStyle; these hats are famous for working in all of today's hottest millinery styles into their design.

Not only does the popular trend of women's big brim hats serve a purpose for style as the most noticeable accessory to draw one's attention to your face, they are also one of the best ways to shield Mother Nature's harmful rays. Our San Diego Audrey big brim hat is the largest of our collection with a 6" brim that is sure to protect even the most delicate skin. Don't get burned by missing out on this classic women's fashion must - big brim hats.