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Caps for Women Caps for Women Caps for Women

Caps for Women

Women’s caps are universally archetypal of free-thinkers, eccentrics and trendsetters. Think of Brigitte Bardot or the gorgeous Lauren Bacall — two fashion icons who solidified the beret in the canon of women’s fashion. From women’s berets to retro mod caps, these super stylish caps for women prove that sometimes less is more. Our selection includes women’s jockey caps, cadet caps, newsboys, Gatsbys, pub caps, ivy caps, baseball caps and more styles that will help guide you towards the perfect cap to channel your inner trailblazer.

Hats in the Belfry’s selection of cadet hats for women includes styles built with versatile, long-lasting hat bodies made from cotton or ripstop nylon. We also carry more formal women’s cadet hats with sweet hound’s-tooth checks for a laid-back but not entirely casual look. Ideal for lovers of all things retro, our women’s mod caps are truly exemplary of the 1970s. Our popular Belfry line includes quality-made mod caps, cadet caps and more for women who want great hats at an affordable price.

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