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Dress Hats

Women’s dress hats have always had a place in formal fashion, at least since the Middle Ages. The right formal hat has the power to transform your outfit from casual to ceremonial, from laid-back to lavish. We have dress hats for women to honor many hat-wearing traditions, including Kentucky Derby hats (big-brimmed and over-embellished) and ‘60s-inspired hats (delicate fascinators or chic pillbox hats), to ensure that you get the perfect topper for any dressy occasion.

We also carry ladies’ dress hats that are appropriate for any scene and season. Upscale summer soirees in the Hamptons aren’t complete without dressy straw hats with striping or ribbon hatbands, while an outfit for the theater is best when finished with a high-fashion cloche hat or a wool beret. At Hats in the Belfry, we also sell stunning women’s top hats with high-as-the-sky silk loops and feathers for a truly classy look. These dressy hats are made by the world’s best milliners, like Belfry, Giovannio, Plaza Suite and Christine A. Moore.