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Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby hats are all about the big, bold and over-embellished. Pastels, patterns, feathers and bows pay tribute to the long-standing tradition of betting in your Sunday best. Whether you’ve got front row tickets at Churchill Downs or are looking for a great topper for your derby party outfit, our overflowing assortment of women’s Kentucky Derby hats is sure to include the perfect statement piece for you.

The Classic Derby Style

Typically, derby hats feature a dramatic, surrounding brim with rounded crowns and lightweight straw bodies. Because the derby occurs in early May, spectators’ hats should be cool, breathable and done in spring colors. But what makes a ladies’ derby hat so special is, of course, its accessories. Piled high with sweet silk flowers, elaborate ribbon embellishments and brightly colored peacock feathers, there’s really no way to overdo a women’s Kentucky Derby hat.

Your Favorite Embellished Looks

At Hats in the Belfry, we aren’t afraid to go for those truly fun and embellished looks. Our collection of women’s derby hats for sale includes a wide variety of options when it comes to bright styles, bold colors and big embellishments. You can truly stand out in a crowd when wearing any of these unique and highly detailed Kentucky derby hats.

For those ladies with more restrained tastes, we also have some simpler derby hats that will make you feel comfortable. These women’s hats can also double as special occasion attire for church services, wedding ceremonies and other important events, so don’t discount the idea of going for a subtle look on Derby Day. Find the perfect fit for your tastes and your attire by browsing our full collection of derby hats at Hats in the Belfry.