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Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite is a 60-year-old hat brand that has continued to create statement-worthy hats that are true works of art. Using only the most luxurious textiles and materials, like wool, straw, rhinestones and feathers, each Plaza Suite hat features impeccable details for ladies searching for the perfect Kentucky Derby hat or church hat. Bold silhouettes are piled high with elegant and dainty adornments like organza fringing, mesh trimmings and feathered accents.

Our selection of Plaza Suite hats for women includes styles for every occasion. Plaza Suite’s big brim hats, like their popular formal sun hats, are artfully designed for dressy summer affairs. Lightweight straw bodies are dyed to bright spring- and summer-worthy shades and adorned with frilly embellishments at the crown and brim, making them a fine choice for summer weddings and soirees. Hats in the Belfry also offers wool big brim hats by Plaza Suite for wear during cold-weather functions.