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Protection Collection Protection Collection Protection Collection

Protection Collection

Because fun in the sun can potentially be damaging to your health, Protection Collection Hats offer all of the protective qualities that are essential to having a happy and healthy time outdoors. This collection of hats is dedicated to delivering quality and function without sacrificing on style, and most importantly, value. Each one of these hats passes the University of Michigan UPF50+ U.V. protection standard rating, guarding our skin from the damaging rays we are exposed to when we are outside for an extended period of time.

The Protection Collection features a variety of styles, including outbacks, safaris, and women's big brims.These hats have many different features, including mesh crowns to better airflow, drawstrings and chincords to help for a more secure fit, and soft cotton or canvas materials that make the hat crushable for easy storage and travel. They are the quintessential outdoor hats: functional for all your excursions, and stylish enough for a day at the beach.

  • PC Sea Breeze - UPF50+ Cotton Sun Hat

    PC Sea Breeze

    UPF50+ Cotton Sun Hat



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