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About Us

Our web site has been in existence since 1997 and is a microcosm of our shops. has grown by leaps and bounds each year and is now selling hats at the same volume as our stores. The hat selection on our site is second to none, and we are constantly adding more hats and changing the hats which we offer. We have dedicated Internet experts to personally fill your Internet order and reply to your emails. We always call you back if you leave us a telephone message. And we usually ship within 24 hours. What a site!

In a typical day, if you were to visit one of our retail shops, you'd find Hats in the Belfry packed with happy customers trying on hats, smiling, sometimes laughing, thoroughly enjoying the rare experience of seemingly being able to change personalities with each new hat adorned. We've been in the hat business for over 35 years, with stores located in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

Our huge selection and our dedication to customer service have been the main reasons for our stores' success since 1978. I know you will find our web site to be just as incredible as our shops.

You are our customer. We invite you to browse our site, to visit our shops. Email me with your comments. And thank you for checking out Hats in the Belfry!