Women’s Fall Hat Styles

The season for women’s felt hats is here! Of course hats keep us warm when the temperatures start to dip, but more importantly they are a way to express our personal style through outerwear. The favorites among the Belfry collection of women’s fall hats this year, are modern versions of classic styles including, women’s fedora

November 9th, 2014|Fashion & Style|

Picking the Perfect Men’s Cap

The time is now to establish a fall-winter outerwear look that defines your personal style. The best thing about this look, is you really only have to have one, your go to coat, scarf, and cap that can take you through the whole season. A thoughtfully styled wardrobe for men should absolutely include a hat

November 6th, 2014|Fashion & Style|

Happy Hatterween!

Whether you are a professional Halloweener or looking for a quick and easy costume, selecting the perfect hat is exactly the place to start. A great hat can compliment costumes ranging from historical figures to fictional characters to occupational. Felt Fedora – Blue’s Brothers Grab you best buddy, put on a black suit, sunglasses, and

October 23rd, 2014|Fashion & Style|

Types of Fedoras

Fedora Hats are found atop many people’s heads. If you go outside and walk around, look for someone with a hat. Chances are the hat they are wearing is either a baseball cap or some type of fedora hat. A fedora hat is, to many people, the most stylish of all hats. Borsalino, one of

August 15th, 2013|Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Spring & Summer Hats|

Beach Hats For Women

Grab the sun tan lotion, towels, and 2-piece bathing suits; it’s beach time! We all know between mid-July and mid-August is one of the hottest times of the year, so if you’re headed to the beach to cool off, why not do it in style? Grab only the hottest most fashionable beach hats for your

August 8th, 2013|Fashion & Style, Spring & Summer Hats, Trend Watch, Women's Hats|