Holiday Movies & Hats

Have a favorite holiday movie and always admired the hats worn by the characters, but were never quite sure what the styles are? It’s become kind of a fun game for us here at Hats in the Belfry to try and identify hats we spy in films and shows alike–especially during the holidays!

Here’s some of our personal favorites of the season, and the sorts of hats you’ll find in them (as well as some of our own that would work for your hatty needs)!


Classy Top Hats, Bowlers, and Cozy Caps

 A Christmas Carol

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Whether it's a black and white film rendition or the beloved Muppet version, the Victorian costumery of this tale and setting dictates a decadent array of top hats and bowlers--with honorable mention of Tiny Tim's cap. 

For a very dapper Dickens look all for your own this season, especially if you plan to be out caroling, might we suggest our Belfry John Bull or our Belfry Tammany

* Honorable mentions of other holiday specials with these fun styles are: Frosty the Snowman (1969) for Frosty's cool top hat, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) with Santa's sporty Deerstalker Cap and Sam the Snowman's bowler, A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) for Charlie Brown's trapper cap. 

Festive Fedoras, and Showstopper Boaters

White Christmas

Honestly, what hats aren’t shown in even a passing fashion in this movie?

From the straw boaters on stage and backstage at the Wallace and Davis variety shows, to the swanky cocked angle of Bing Crosby’s fedoras and Danny Kaye’s own more casual fashion of keeping it popped back, we even get the delight of sleek top hats during some of the musical numbers!

(But also–who can pull off a purple beret better than Danny Kaye? Maybe that should be a Belfry Selfie challenge in the future…)

If you'd like to echo the classy fedora fashion toted by these leading gents, might we suggest one of our fur felt fedoras like the Stetson Chapman? Or if you're looking for a boater for your own stage antics maybe our Belfry Venice?

The Bishop's Wife

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Who hasn't loved seeing the range of hats worn by Loretta Young in The Bishop's Wife (1947)? Bonnets aplenty with varying array of adornments, but one of our personal favorites is her wide brimmed hat with the telescope crown--it showcases dramatic and elegant brilliance we absolutely adore!  

For similar fashionable flair to keep you cozy in the winter, may we suggest our Belfry Cavone? (Honestly, any of our Complit collection is definitely worth perusing for their witty style and classic lines!)

* Honorable mention of It's A Wonderful Life (1946) for the array of equally fantastic fedoras, as well!

 So what about you? Any other holiday movies or specials that are exceptionally hatty that you enjoy? Let us know! We'd love to see them, as well as any of your own styles inspired by them on our social media!