Boater Hats

Reminiscent of the classic Italian styles, the boater hat is a timeless piece that continues to stand the test of time. These hats feature a variety of straws, from a higher end panama weave to a value-focused toyo straw. Whatever the materials, there is no denying the vintage appeal. These hats can make or break any summer outfit, dressing up a style like few hats can.

  • Korber Handmade for Belfry Venice Classic Panama Boater

    Handmade for Belfry

    "Venice" Classic Panama Boater



    Price: $149.00
  • Tesi Conoto 1906 Italian Made Panama Boater

    Tesi Conoto 1906

    "Made in Italy" Panama Skimmer/Boater



    Price: $249.00
  • Belfry Boater Classic Straw Boater

    Belfry Boater

    Classic Straw Boater



    Regular Price: $59.00

    Special Price: $54.00

  • Korber Handmade for Belfry Siena Shantung Straw Safari Hat

    Handmade for Belfry

    "Siena" Shantung Straw Boater


    Lt Brown

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price: $113.00

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