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Cool Hats

The Coolest Hats Around

A hat truly has the power to transform your look from basic to bold. With just one style move, guys can go from dull to distinctive. At Hats in the Belfry, we have hand-selected a slew of cool men’s hats designed specifically for the guy who wants to emulate all things cool, whether his style tends to be more contemporary or more traditional. If you’re searching for cool men’s hats, you’ve found your pot of gold at Hats in the Belfry.

Fresh Styles 

With our teeming selection of cool hats for men, you’ll easily find a style that’s ideal for your personal tastes and attitude. Trendy fedoras made from indulgent materials like wool felt and cotton twill are topped with the eye-catching embellishments, like linotype-inspired hardware and stylish side feathers. We also carry tons of baseball caps, pub caps, newsboy caps and beanies in this selection, all of which feature contemporary design elements like fresh, contemporary prints and patterns or distinctive hatbands. Your dream cool hat is waiting for you at Hats in the Belfry, with hundreds of eye-catching men’s styles that emulate cool. Looking for unique hats for men? Check out our one-of-a-kind driving caps with standout prints and patterns or invest in a Kangol patterned pub cap that you can make your signature topper.

Top Name Brands 

At Hats in the Belfry, we want to make sure your hats are more than just stylish. That’s why we only offer cool hats for guys from the top name brands. This ensures that the product you get comes from a trusted designer with a reputation for durability and quality. Some of the brands featured in our collection of men’s hats include long-term hat-makers like Kangol, Broner, Stetson and Bailey. We also carry our own Belfry brand for the ultra-stylish guy who wants a cool hat but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Our Belfry brand hats are made with premium-quality materials and have built-in features that keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

If you’re ready to update your collection of formal and casual hats, shop at Hats in the Belfry today. We’re your best resource for unique hats for men that will help you stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.

  • Belfry Truman - American Made Wool Felt Fedora

    Belfry Truman

    American Made Wool Felt Fedora



    Price: $89.00