Jazz Hats

Jazz hats refer to a particular look or style of fedora or pork pie. Picture a blues player belting out a choice tune on the saxophone in your typical jazz club. He's usually got a lid on his head that's pretty important to completing the look. This style became popular in this country in the early 1900's, but its history goes way back into the mid-19th century. Now it is difficult to see a jazz musician without one.

Today's Bebop Porkpie varies little from the original, yet many variations are being made in other styles. The original Porkpie featured a telescope brim, with a very short 1 1/18" inch brim. Current brim lengths are as stingy as ever, but Porkpies can now be found with diamond crowns, center dents, and teardrop crowns. The true popularity of the Porkpie lies within the stinginess of the brim length. As long as the brim remains short, the Porkpie will continue to evolve.

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